Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Finally, I saw them!!!

An urgent call to hubby, made our way to PBB house. We went to a colleague in Pasay Ave., which is two blocks away from PBB turf, so we decided to pass by. It is smaller than it seems in television. And oh my, it is our lucky day, coz Uma is actually on a shoot in front of the house. We've waited for 3mins until he is through, and he acknowledged the fans request of picture-taking. As you can recall, Uma was my bet in the previous PBB season, and I'm so happy to see him in flesh.

At least, I have a souvenir with him, even before he rise-and ... (knock on woods) ... fall from his race. Lucky strike UMA!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Chinese Spring Festival

Chinatown is two rides away from here in Caloocan. We supposed to go in Ongpin a day before, but our schedule did not permit us. Today, me and Honey went dragon/lion hunting in Ongpin, and lucky us, we met one. While eating noodles and dumplings inside a Chinese restaurant, this dragon passed by. We paid our check abruptly, and grabbed that chance to share a photo with this auspicious icon. Of course, "ang pao" given by them, served as the return of the favor.

We gave our share in celebrating this festival which is very much significant for Chinese people. I hope and pray that this Year of the Fire Dog, will give more flame and abudance to our life, and bank savings (wink!)


(note: I wrote this in red because according to the feng-shui expert, red and yellow are the lucky colors this year)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

TRAVEL LOG - Last Day in Hongkong

JOURNEY: Roam-around Hongkong Island
TEMPERATURE: 13-17 degrees Celsius

Our last day was our free day. No itinerary. Since we were in Lantau Island, we used the MTR Disneyland Station to go back to the town proper and made sure to visit our all time favorite Jollibee! After our lunch in Jollibee where we met a number of Filipino workers, we saw a tram, and decided to took a ride, not knowing until where to go. Several stops after, and few good smiles in our camera, we disembarked in a mall, find the nearest MTR station, and went back to our hotel in Disneyland. Our transport to the airport was 5:45pm.

To gratify most the Disney quest, I believe Hollywood or Disney Hotel is an enormous "must-stay" place. You gonna miss the heart of amusing yourself with such a fascinating and witching encounter, if you wont made your way here.

People are so friendly. And the still brand new rooms, are all mickey mouse inspired, from the bedsheet, lamps, mirror, headbord, rats anywhere. Jett didn't fed up coz the flat screen television are all Disney channels, and Jett loves watching them. He was so behave staring the TV. The view from our room was so serene, all green, you will feel like you dont wanna leave this place forever.

To end this journey, I wont get tired of thanking my Honey for such a beautiful escape from the real world. The three of us had so much fun. Thanks for the wonderful memories you won't fail giving to us. LOVE YAH! from me and Jett! Cant wait till our next journey!

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

TRAVEL LOG - 3rd day in Hongkong

JOURNEY: Hongkong Disneyland
TEMPERATURE: 13-15 degrees Celsius

We were so thrilled, we have not been to any Disneyland Theme Park, and this would be our first. The tour attendant fetched us from our Hotel in Kowloon Island at 9am, to drop us in Disney Hollywood Hotel located in Lantau Island near the airport, where we spent a night in our tour. We checked-in, left our baggage, and ride a Disney shuttle to send us to the Disneyland Park.

It was a lean season, visitors are mostly Chinese and very few Westerners. The lines are minimal, and you have the rides in no time. The place is really magical, can never believe that I am seeing this in person, while 4 months ago, I was watching this place on TV for its grand opening.

Aside from having the luxury of seeing Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie mouse, Donald Duck, et. al., and taking snap shots with them, the highlight of all the highlights, is the Disney Parade. You can see all the disney characters dancing in their own fabulous, well-adorned coaches. The parade lasted for more than half an hour, so your eyes are more than satisfied.

At mid-afternoon, we went back to our hotel, to rest for a while, and recharge our videocam. We had a one whole day re-entry pass, so going out and back is a no problem, you just have to show your stamp. We went back at 6pm, and rode all the possible rides we can hitch. Jett loved it.

At 8pm, the much awaited fireworks, that much spectators has been waiting for, has started. It was sooo amazing, (but of course, incomparable to Pyro Technic Event in Pasay which for me is much much better). The fireworks was held at the back of the castle, so it will give an impression that there really was a party and enchantment going on inside. The dramatic lights in different colors, turning on and off, and the disney songs, plus the fireworks at the back made our whole day.

We ended our Disneyland visit in buying a photo frame souvenir, with all the characters on it. Kinda pricey but worthy to purchased.

It was really a spellbinding experience!

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Friday, January 27, 2006

TRAVEL LOG - 2nd Day in Hongkong

HONGKONG - Avenue of Stars, JC Jewelry, Aberdeen, The Peak
SHENZHEN - Windows of the World, Jade Factory, Pearl Farm
TEMPERATURE: 15-19 degrees Celsius

It was a bit rainy as we started the city tour in Hongkong, we tripled Jett's clothing. Places we have gone are interesting, hoping we could find in our own home, even a small fragment of tourist attractions this small island has to offer in the world.

Funny coz less than two weeks ago, we were in Manila Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant to celebrate Honey's birthday. And last Friday, we personally saw the much bigger and exactly the same image of Jumbo Kingdom in Aberdeen, Hongkong, twice the size in Baywalk. But we did not eat, we just passed by while riding the fishing boat for tourists and took some pictures.

My most favorite part is the Shenzhen, China trip for half day. In our group, only the three of us availed the trip. We took the train for 45mins, and presto, hello China! We used a group visa so a tour guide from China was waiting for us in the immigration.

Shenzhen I believe is a better place than Hongkong. Roads are wider, cleaner, and fresher. Many residents and tourists from Hongkong are travelling to Shenzhen to shop, because they offer cheaper commodities, pasalubongs, and jewelries. Honey bought me a complete set of jade jewelries with diamonds in titus and regular cut, in a surprisingly low-tag compared to Manila and Hongkong (thanks Honey, I can't take my eyes off it, I really love them). Jade is considered a stone of heaven in China. China is one of the major manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, producers of jade. We also bought two similar necklaces for me and Jett with our Chinese animal signs in pendants. Lucky charm to welcome the Chinese New Year.

We went back to Kowloon Island via train again, good thing our hotel is near Mong Kok MTR station. It was certainly a long-taxing-day, we went home at 10pm. Call time the next day, 9am, were going to Disneyland.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

TRAVEL LOG - 1st Day in Hongkong

to organize and have a complete view of our Hongkong trek, I decided to make consecutive posts featuring our day-in-day-out activities

JOURNEY: Ocean Park
TEMPERATURE: 20-22 degrees Celsius

We arrived at the airport 2 hours before our flight at 8:10am, our plane was PAL, so we departed at the Centennial Airport. The flight was 30mins delayed. Jett half of the trip was asleep. He was struggling to walk around the plane, but of course, we did not let him to do so. After Thailand, this is our first time to have a trip exclusively for the three of us.

As we landed in Hongkong, the tour guide, Tommy, was already waiting for us in our meeting place, but we waited for another half an hour until the other family (from Pasig) included in the group arrived.

It is nearly 12noon, and we have an Ocean Park visit for half day, so Tommy just checked us in our hotel Tatami Hampton near Nathan Road, left our baggage, and ride again in the bus to check-in the other group to their hotels, and we proceeded to Ocean Park.

We took our lunch in Mc Donalds Ocean Park, and be surprised that french fries costs HK$10, which in peso is P70, quite pricey though. Just the same, we had a small lunch, Jett can't resist the huge space to loiter around.

Jett really enjoyed the rides in Kids World, even get annoyed when his turn is over. Mostly, we lined-up again to repeat the rides. The lines are not that distant, but knowing Jett, he is impatient to wait so we have to redirect his attention to anything else.

Ocean Park is not so unfamiliar on my end, it is similar to Sentosa in Singapore, and Dream World in Thailand. The only distinct feature here that inculcate in my head is its almost half-an-hour cable car ride. Crossing a mountain (take note, a mountain), and an enchanted topview of Abardeen, the south side of Hongkong Island, keeps me grasps for breath. Jett entertained much the view.

We left the place at 6:30pm, and arrived hotel at 7:30. We rested for a while, and strolled around Nathan Road to look for a place to eat dinner. We found ourselves sitting in a small, of course Chinese restaurant, and ordered typical Chinese food and noodles. The check? P700 (per meal, usually everytime we eat out).

We ended our day packing things on Jett's backpack which we will bring along with us for the half-day city tour the next day, call time was 8:25am.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

25 months!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Goodbye Hongkong!

Five minutes before 8pm it is, we're here at Hongkong International Airport. We came across this internet free hub, so I took the chance to post for today. Our flight is 9:05pm via PAL, but since it is PAL (plane always late), I think our flight is delayed for tonight.

It has been a four-long-day here in Hongkong. Actually, my head is aching hard now.

I'll story the detailed details on my next posts.

Goodbye Hongkong, thanks for the fun!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

They Happened Shortly

Two nights ago, sleeping was the last thing I wanted to do. After I've done my post, I started blog hopping here, then I realized, why don't I try a new blog skin, just for a change?! It took a lot of wit to remodel this site since I have so much side blogs and add-ons. 75% of my day occupied this task, and the aftermath made me happy. Thanks a lot Caz for such a charming template.

Then last Monday, my agent texted me while we're in Bulacan, and informed me that all our bookings for HK are confirmed already for tomorrow (Thursday). Excitement once again runs through my body. As much as I wanna bring this computer with us tomorrow, I can't, so you won't see me in the next four days guys, we'll be back on Sunday night.

Got to go!

Monday, January 16, 2006


As we went to attend the mass tonight at 6:30pm in Divine Mercy Shrine, I saw this group of youngsters rehearsing a dance number. It would be hard to fix this photo since I took the shot from a distance and it was very dark. Better, I have the express fix of Photo Impact.

Upon staring at this picture, can't help to dwell upon my grade school days. I was an active member of Saint Dominic Savio Church in Mandaluyong then, through our Katekista in school. I can even recall her name, Ate Shirley. I was a member of what they called in church (LOA) Lady of the Altar. We dance and make actions in front of the altar out of the songs sing during the mass, and kids follow our steps. Done in early mass for children.

I was also fond of joining biblical quiz bees, and competed in Don Bosco Mandaluyong and Don Bosco Laguna before. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don't. Ate Shirley, as I remember, even ask permissions from my school adviser, and once from my Dad (she personally went to our house), if I can be spare from class, because of the church activities. And whenever teacher allows me, I jump for joy, coz I'll be free from schoolworks and projects, hehehe.

Anyway, it feels so good to reminisce. Good memories really last.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

SM Valenzuela

It was an ordinary day, so we decided to go to SM Valenzuela Karuhatan with my 3 nieces, 45mins away from our house in Marilao. SM Valenzuela opened for public only last November of '05. Unlike in SM Marilao, it is an indoor pay parking of P20 flat rate. It is also smaller. Osh kosh and Mossimo for kids are on sale, I bought few pieces for Jett. We entertained ourselves in rides and games in World of Fun, and exchanged our 18pieces tickets for a small piece of toy, haha! Dennis Trillo was there for his fans day, but we're an hour earlier, sayang, I wanted to take a snap of him sana! Hmp! It was an ordinary day.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Long wait is over yet

Hayyy ... I thought we gonna fly today to finally fulfill our dream of going to Hongkong Disneyland. We had a booking for today in PAL, but right after we paid the trip, my travel agent learned that all the affordable hotels are fully-booked, and until when, is beyond his knowledge. "BOOK and BUY" is the principle. Hotel and airline's availability should apt.

My agent is giving me a $100/head more expensive accommodation if we really wanna leave today, but I declined the offer. I believe it is impractical to waste $200 bucks on something we will use for a total of less than 24 hours just to sleep. I'd rather use the money to shop for us and buy pasalubongs for the relatives.

I hope all is well that will end well. If the trip will not happen until Tuesday next week, I'll just refund my money, and postpone the trip until the next three months again ... sigh!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bkk-sisterettes Reunion

held in Valeroso's home, Sampaloc Manila

Burgandy Forest Freebie KitCreated by Stacey Stehley

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More for Honey's Birthday

38 Ways To Say

1. I tell him I love him
2. I give him a hug
3. I kiss him when people are looking
4. I kiss him when people are not looking
5. I hold his hands
6. I give him special presents
7. We see a film
8. We walk arm in arm
9. I talk to him about my feelings
10. We snuggle up together
11. We take a walk together
12. I give him compliments
13. I touch him in a loving way
14. I listen to his worries
15. I hold him close
16. I write him a letter
17. I trust him
18. I hide a love note where he will find it
19. I give him sexy looks
20. I remember anniversaries
21. We give each other pet names
22. We go sightseeing
23. I whisper something nice into his ear
24. I flirt with him
25. We laugh at something funny together
26. Be faithful
27. I impress him
28. I read something and discuss with him
29. I find out what makes him happy
30. We watch the sunset
31. I share my plans for the future
32. We share private jokes
33. We share an ice-cream
34. We have our pictures taken together
35. I think about him
36. I find out what makes him sad
37. I tell him how much I care
38. Be his best friend

Honey's Birthday Blowout!

Honey's birthday observance materialized half-planned.

I presumed, honey and I will have a romantic dinner in Jumbo Kingdom, the only six-star floating restaurant in the Philippines on the night of his birthday, but we did not.

Yesterday, we woke up so early at 3AM to attend the mass on the feast of Black Nazarene in Quiapo Church Manila. It has been hubby's tradition to hear the mass of dawn on his every birthday whenever he's here in Manila for thanksgiving, with my mother-in-law. It was my first time to accompany him in such practice, and I'm happy I did. By noon, my head was aching hard coz I did not earn enough sleep for the night because I stayed-up late to make a post for honey's birthday. In the end, I re-sked our reservation at Jumbo Kingdom for tonight.

This morning, we were in rushed once again, to go to Makati to our travel agent, to pay our Hongkong trip. We had a deadline of 12noon coz our booking was confirmed suddenly. Afterwhich, we ate our lunch in Waltermart Pasong Tamo, and did some shopping for Jett and groceries. On our way home, we learned that it is nearly 4pm, and we had a reservation of 6pm in the floating restaurant. The roads were congested, and we will run out of time if we'll go home to change attire. With my driving wear of shirt, maong, and driving sandals, and honey is in very casual 3/4th shorts, shirt, and slippers, with Jett, and helper, we drove our way to CCP area, and waited in breakwater, until the restaurant opens. It became a family dinner date.

The view is magnificent. From the open-air music lounge, we could see the setting of the sun, it was a bit cloudy day, orange, blue, white, and black colors mixed the sky. We could see Manila from our slightly elevated side, the baywalk, and the whole Manila Bay. We ate our dinner in this perfect sight.

It was surely a romantic place. I hope to do this again, with a nice dress on, fresh make-up, fresh looks, hair done, and most especially ... only the two of us.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Most Important Person in My Life!

Honey, you just don't know how much I feel blessed spending my everyday life with you. I'm really thankful that GOD gave me a person who loves me more than he loves himself. We may not the perfect couple like what we read in romance novels, instead, we are the couple that tried our best to be perfect for each other, and for me, that matters most.

On this special day, I wanna wish you more peace of mind, a better health, promising career, and a more meaningful life with us. I promise to standy by your side, and will always be here for you, for better or for worse, amidst the obstacles that will come along our way, 'till the end of our lifetime.

Because for me, you are more than significant ... You are everything ... I love you so much ... Now and forever.

wordart from DSP

Happy 1st Birthday REIN!!!

With more than 200 guests and everything, the party was really exceptional. Since Jett is not possible to join the games yet, he enjoyed much the space, being the walk-around-little-tyke that he is. It was so much fun that paid all your hardwork and (ehem!) budget Tita Beth, and I wanna congratulate you for that! Once again, Happy Birthday REIN!!!

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Post Holiday Greeting

taken in Baywalk

FreebieCreated & ©2005 by Tina Chambers

Friday, January 06, 2006

EXODUS ... a huge jump forward!

This is the usual time of the year when I enjoy watching Filipino movies. Producers, directors, actors, et. al., give their all best for the film they are in to. First, for the possible commendations from MMFF, and second, because televiewers, moviegoers, families, and kids, make this season a bonding time for them.

I have to admit this, EXODUS: Tales of the Enchanted Kingdom, is one of the best Tagalog movies I have ever seen. Two thumbs up for this movie! Conspicuous cutting edge special effects! I love the scenes of Long's live playing cards, and Iya's stones manipulation. Bong Revilla best fitted for the role of EXODUS, who is grim, unsmiling mercenary with extraordinary fighting skills. The four engkantos, Tolits, Iya, Aubrey, Benjie, made justifications for their roles as well.

However, the story is half-baked which left questions unaswered after you watch the movie. As well as Paolo Bediones whose acting is also half-baked.

Though, in summary, this movie is something we should all be proud of. Hats off for the hands and minds behind this film. An amazing one great leap forward in right right direction for local cinematography!

My rating? 5 bold stars!!!

My Close to Screwed-up New Year's Fortitude Post

Here is how the story goes.

My last posting was on dawn of Monday. Right after I made our New Year's post, my adaptor sounded like a popping popcorn and stop charging. As hubby woke-up (thanks goodness, I have my knight-in-crashing-computer by my side), he smelled the adaptor burn, that's why it was not working. That caused me alarm, I can't afford to unuse my computer notebook for more than a day, because I have everything here, all the files and pictures waiting to be posted, oh yeah, I'm thinking about "blogging" and nothing more nor less.

So the day after, we went to Cyberzone SM North, to have someone look at it technically. My techy-savvy husband took charge, and presto, my computer is now fixed! I have a new adaptor, and upgraded 512MB RAM (wow!) for a faster blogging and scrapbooking.

I thought I gonna made my post for yesterday, unfortunately, DSL was not working in Caloocan until today. Good thing it is in our schedule to visit the oldies here in Marilao, where I'm currently using my wifi.

I suppose to post this yesterday but I fell asleep, and now, here it is:


1. This year, I promise to learn one more dish (aside from the one and only sinigang na baboy that I know, taught by my husband). Two or more are much better (but I don't wanna use my words against mine, hehe!). Therefore, one is safe!

2. This year, I promise to read Francisco Colayco's Wealth Within Your Reach Books 1&2 . He's one of the few persons I listen to when it comes to penny-matters, I even watched him in Channel 9 Money Talk with Francis Pangilinan, and subscribed to their yahoogroups for more understanding on how we can possibly manage and augment our savings.

3. This year, I promise to learn on the best way that I could, how to back-park. Several times, we went to places that regular slanted and spacious parking are not possible, and we need to park through the tail. I haven't really tried yet, but I think it is hard. For this year, I'll regain the guts to do it and start practicing.


Monday, January 02, 2006

Hello 2-0-0-6!!!

I wish to have a fruitful and bountiful life ahead of my family this year! HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!!!

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