Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 7th Father's Day to you Honey!!!

We appreciate the sacrifices you have to endure working miles far from us. I am in awe with your integrity, hardwork, patience, and strength. You never scarce us with care and affection by pouring unconditional love in this family. You made it possible that distance won't never at all build a wall between us. I wanna thank you for the endless confidence you're entrusting me, though I failed innumerous times with my decisions, you've always been there to catch my every slip, and never get tired of doing such over and over and over. For being the brightest light that guides me during my darkest and lowest hour. The truth is, I can never thank you enough Honey, for being such a wonderful father and husband to us. We are tremendously blessed by God for sharing with us such a beautiful person like you. You are a blessing, not only to your family, but for all the people around you. Happy Father's Day!!!

Ultimate Love
created by Tina Chambers