Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Fun!

check our Yahoo Blogsite Halloween album for more pictures

Jett participated on Trick or Treat Halloween event of SM Marilao. Kids under 12 years old are dressed in their scariest, funniest, and cutest halloween costumes. I bought a pineapple inspired costume for Jett, though it is not so halloweeny but I like the colors (hehe!) and he looks cutie wearing that. We buy this pumpkin basket, and as you walk through a stall or botique they will fill that basket with treats of candies and goodies.

The affair is taxing for me, first; it is a long holiday break from school and work, lots of families are there, second; we left Jett's stroller in Caloocan (darn!), so I had to carry him most of the time or he will run as fast as he can if I let him go, and third; he dislikes his nanny, so I had to bring him with me wherever I go (like the fastfood counter).

Nevertheless, I'm glad to see that Jett was able to join his first ever trick or treat experience here in Philippines, and that pays-the-whole-thing-off.

A small ANNIVESARY gala

since Honey is not present physically I observed it with my other half...

Saturday, October 29, 2005

From Me --- To Him (An Anniversary Citation)

check our Yahoo Blogsite for our wedding pictures
(I was seven months pregnant then so don't be surprised if I'm bloated :) )


Dearest Honey,

Do you still rememember the night before our wedding day? We barely got a sleep. We woke up so early on the day of our wedding, but the glow in our eyes were still there. We had a very simple wedlock rite, yet the emotions are outpouring. There is no way I gonna forget how you pretended not to hear the priests' dictation on the part you were wearing the ring to my finger. The truth was, you were just buying some time to recall your shaky voice, or else you gonna cry. It was so distinguish, which made everybody laughed ... and also cry, like our parents and relatives. While me, as the ceremony started, I already whispered to our Ninang Joy to hand-pass me a box of tissue, even before the water from my nose comes out first before my eyes, that is how I weep.

As I'm writing this letter, I can't help to smile, and be sentimental, like there's a fist in my throat. It has been two years, and the feelings are still the same. My love for you grows inevitably. And everyday, it is getting better, and stronger. Again, I wanna thank destiny for bringing you to my life. I know our start was not easy, but you hanged-on, perservere, and love me unconditionally, and I commend you more for such.

If I have the freedom to re-choose a path to walk through, I choose again a path where I have you by my side. Coz I know that path will bring me to a nearly perfect life of love and happiness ... and I'm very much certain on that.




1. Bobby is a techy-savvy

Wherever we go, he makes sure to check all the latest gadgets in town. Names I haven’t heard before. He fixes my computer, well, he "always" fixes my computer whenever it crashed. And he likes to butingting any cables, just anything that has wirings.

2. Bobby is a High-end Watches Fanatic

He had tried to his wrist in all the watch botiques in Bangkok and one here in Manila, the ROLEX watch he is been dying to acquire for himself, (in addition to his two expensive watches). Many times I thought we gonna buy it, but he constantly changing his mind, hesitating because of it's pricy tag.

3. Bobby has always have a big heart

He is always willing to help other people aside from his relatives. He finds pleasure in extending help. He believes good things you send, better things to receive.

4. Bobby is a well-rounded person

He can talk to anybody about anything, he is a wide reader that is why. This is one of his traits which swept my feet off from the start.

5. Bobby wants to retire on a farm

He always wanted to be a farmer. That is why he wants to retire on a farm with lots of trees and animals. He used to breed roosters, and I think he wants to continue that on our retiring life.

Friday, October 28, 2005

From Him --- To Me (An Anniversary Citation)



Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary!!! Time really flies. Imagine, its been 2 years now when we became one.

Ever since you came into my life, I have come to know what life and love is. Before you came, I was living a life that was lifeless. There are no colors that I can see, and no roads that I could walk. Before you came, there was an empty feeling everytime I go home. Somebody is missing somewhere.

My friends and relatives have told me that I am already a successful man, who has almost everything anyone could wish for. I do have a stable job in a multinational company, which offers a lot of perks with frequent foreign trips. A little abode is also available. But to be considered successful, one has to be happy, and I’m not. To be considered successful, one has to discern its meaning. Success is sweet if you have somebody to share it.

All of these have changed when you and I became one 2 years ago. Our wedding was the culmination of my dreams. Prior to the ceremony, when you accepted me as your would be partner in life, I was really excited. My heart was trembling for I would be tying the knot to the woman of my life. I almost choked up during the ceremony, for my dreams have come into reality. I married the prettiest, extra-ordinary, and most fascinating woman in the world. You.

You’re my life Honey, and I intend to be with you, together, for the rest of my life. Without you, I am nothing. Without you, I cannot live. Without you, there is no life.

Happy 2nd year to us. Wish I was there.




1. Joan is sweet

When Joan and I became a couple, she never forgets to give me something during an occasion like anniversary, birthday, father’s day, etc. It is me who usually forgets.

2. Joan is brave

The day Joan was about to give birth, her water broke in the middle of the night (about 3AM). What she did astonished me. She first read the pregnancy book guideline, and woke me up after checking that everything is alright according to the book. She is ready to go, and it was me who was panicky on that day.

3. Joan is stubborn

There were many occasions that the phrase “what Joan wants, Joan gets” is really applicable. No amount of effort will persuade her to change her mind

4. Joan is a full-blooded blogger

Sometimes Joan would stay up to 5AM just to redo her website to make it better

5. Joan is a real Mom

If we were out dating, and Jett is left with her Grandmas, Grandpa, Uncles, or Aunties, Joan would call the house every now and then to check whether Jett has taken his snacks, dinner, or lunch. She wants to make sure that Jett is taken cared of. That’s a real Mom.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Sisterettes!

May you have the merriest red-letter day in your lives!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Emotional Baggage

I was so hesitant to send my husband to the airport. I prefer to stay home (like what I did the last time he left), anyway, my mother-in-law and brother-in-law will be with him. But I felt, my husband really wanted us to be with him even for the last few minutes before he fly, so I decided to come alongside Jett. Actually, everytime he leaves, few hours before, my husband prepares a towel. I'm a lot-of-tears, lot-of-mucus, cry baby, and he knows that.

Like what I expected, the emotional baggage of seeing him go, physically, is really a heart breaker. Him leaving, and us, staying, have always been an ugly picture for me. And it disturbs me on how many more "ugly pictures" I need to go through. A sacrifice we all have to do.

Oh my gosh, I'm getting too sentimental again. Sigh! And this is just the beginning.


It is past midnight, but sleeping has come yet to my senses. I came to realized, after tonight, it will take some time before the three of us sleep again together. Honey's gonna fly again tomorrow. Jett will definitely miss his Dad, he's so close to his Daddy, and Honey is so attached to his son. I don't wanna feel gloomy as early as now, I still have less than a day with my husband, and I don't wanna spoil it. All I wanted to do now, is to relish this moment, staring at the two men in my life dreaming arms to arms.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A place I proudly say our O-W-N

After ten long months of searching and site visits to uncounted neighborhoods in north, east, and south, we finally settled our dwellings in Greenwoods at Pasig. I could say that this place is really a fruit of labor both for me and my husband. Hubby provided the resources to buy the 171sqm corner lot, and I provided the task of looking for a very good location, near good schools in Greenhills, malls in Ortigas and Mandaluyong, and hospitals, which our family will benefit in the long run, a place where there is no room for regrets. We are praying and hoping, to start building our dream house in a year or two, in God's grace. I am really excited!!!

Our Dates for the past week

Our first malling three days after Jett got out from the hospital. He was not allowed then to go public venues ensuing doctor's advised.

Stopover... Tagaytay

It is fun to unwind, loosen up, and spend time with your loved ones, in place a little bit away from bustling Manila

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Thanks Mrs.G

I wanna spare this space on thanking Tita Beth for this beautiful artwork you made just for me. You are one of the first persons who encouraged me to blog. I also hope to be a digi-scrap addict someday just like you, hehe. Thanks again!

Sale Mania!

Last week, we were in SM Marilao. My husband ushered me for my Bioessence engagement, little that we know, that day was the first day of mallwide sale, and that picture shows how much shoppers rushed the place. The fact that it was only Friday, I could imagine how many shopaholics were there on Saturday and Sunday, last days of sale. I am a best-buy-slash-bargain being, so we took advantage of the discounts, and did some shopping for myself, hubby, and baby. Shopping is one of my stress relievers. Good timing huh?!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"He's younger than me, so what?"


Age difference: She's 42, he's 27.

How they met: The pair met at a casual dinner in New York City and started dating in May 2003. Ashton is an actor and is part owner of Dolce Enoteca Ristorante, an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.

'I do': They were married around 10 p.m. of September 24, 2005 in their Los Angeles home. The wedding was arranged at the last-minute and was a traditional Kabbalah ceremony. About 100 friends and family attended the wedding, including Demi's three daughters and ex-husband Bruce Willis.

Marital history: This is Ashton's first marriage. His past romances were Brittany Murphy and Ashley Scott.
Demi was engaged to Emilio Estevez and has had two previous marriages. Her first husband was drummer Freddie Moore. They wed in 1980 and divorced in 1984. Then she married actor Bruce Willis in 1987; they divorced in 2000.

Children: Ashton has no children. Demi's three daughters by Bruce Willis are Rumer, 16;
Scout, 14, and Tallulah, 11.

Ashton says: "Demi and I work together on life everyday and that's the biggest job that anybody has."

Demi says: "The truth is you can have a great marriage, but there are still no guarantees."


Age difference: She's 32, he's 23.

Romantric history: The two have been dating for a couple of years, since Justin split up with pop diva Britney Spears and Cameron broke up with metal rocker Jared Leto.

Showbiz talk: Every now and then, entertainment news report that the pop singer and the actress have wed. To date, no wedding bells have been heard.


Age difference: She's 44, he's 32.

How they met: At a dinner party given by pop star Sting and his wife Trudie Styler in 1998.

Where they live: London, Notting Hill.

Children: Guy and Madonna has a a son named Rocco. Madonna had a daughter, Lourdes Maria, with her personal trainer Carlos Leon.

Marital History: Madonna married Sean Penn in Malibu, California, in 1985. The marriage lasted four years. Then she had a romance with Carlos Leon. This is Ritchie's first marriage.

Guy says: His life with the pop diva is "just like anyone else's, except we don't go off to nine-to-five jobs.... Age is not an issue. I don't even think about it unless someone brings it up." The British film director was barely 16 when his future wife hit the charts.


Age difference: She's 44, he's 35.

Marital history: The twice-Oscar-nominated actress married her live-in partner, film director Bart, at a private wedding ceremony in 2003. The bride entered the room carrying their one-year-old daughter Liv, while the groom came in hand in hand with their five-year-old son Cal.

My Natal-Day Celebration at St. Lukes,,

My Birthday:

I almost forgot my birthday, 'til my mother send me a greeting thru sms the night before my birthday, then I realized, oh, tomorrow is my day, tomorrow, I'm a year older, and probably, a year wiser. I was so pre-occupied by my son's admittance in the hospital three days before my birthday, and was so excited by an announcement given by my husband that he is coming home on the 10th (which is my birth date) earlier than planned coz Jett was sick. The luxury of being with my husband for moral and emotional support, and Jett was fever-free and regaining, were the greatest gift I got on that day.

Jett at the Hospital:

Jett was having a fever for five days, on the third, I brought him already at St. Lukes all the way from Marilao Bulacan, it becomes apparent, that his pediatrician was not in, I mean, all the pediatricians at St. Lukes were in a post-grad seminar simultaneously that day (darn them!), and a doctor from ER took-over and instructed me to bring Jett back after two days if the fever pursue.

So, we went back on the fifth day, and right there and then, he was admitted. Good thing, I had seen this coming, so I bring with us Jett's baggage even before we went to his doctor.

I was so scared that day because my husband was not here, I know nothing worse will happen to my son, but I still wanted to be with my husband at this point to share my sentiments and worries, and then, everything will be okay.

Jett undergone several tests, x-ray, blood test, skin test, primary complex, urine, stool test, and they all turned-out negative. Funny, coz you wont hear my son screaming to death in injections, but only cry because he was hurt by the device, and then, he'll go back to sleep, or go back watching television.

As per the test results, the doctor concluded the fever was triggered by a viral infection which a person or a child gets inevitably, because it is in our environment, probably airborne. Jett loves to play outside the house, maybe that is why.

On this note, I would like to thank all our visitors, Tita Judee, Tita Odessa with Kyle and Sam (Kyle was not allowed to see the patient since he is below 7 y/o), Cyrus my friend, Lola, Tito, and cousins.

Honey is Home:

My husband was supposedly going home on the 15th of October, but came back 5 days earlier because of what happened. His flight was Chittagong(Bangladesh)-Bangkok-Manila. He stayed overnight in Bangkok (he bought new pair of teddy for Jett, exactly the same like, Jett's teddy is out-washed coz he's been using it for nearly two years bought also in Bangkok), arrived early at the airport, and took his chance for a seat at Thai Airways, apparently, all seats are booked, so he bought a new ticket for Kuwait Airways and flew home.

After barely three months of being away, Jett did not forget the looks of his father even a bit. He holded and played with his Daddy, and started walking around the room with Dad even on a tipsy mode.

Stuff and fluffed, I am more than glad that my hubby is here!

Losing Weight:

A week before Jett's sickness, I was a hundred and eighteen pounds (118lbs), but after he got out from the hospital, I am now one hundred fourteen pounds (114lbs). I couldn't eat and couldn't get enough sleep, I was so exhausted, that is why we are now chilling-out and spending days full of sleep, me, my son, and my husband.

On my dismay, my son lost 300grams from a week of confinement, good thing, he is eating a lot now. He really missed his Jollibee chickenjoy. Seems like nothing happened, he's still my hyperactive little tyke.