Friday, September 30, 2005

PBB fever!!!

-- It originally started in Holland six years ago
-- The Philippines is the 31st country to host the said program and the second Asian country to air it
-- Since it's a franchise show, Channel 2 mounted it for a total amount of P120 million
-- The said station was only given two weeks to confirm their bid because another local producer was interested in buying it, Channel 2, however, won the bid
-- Pinoy Big Brother house is located at the Eugenio Lopez drive, in front of ABS-CBN's The Loop
-- The newly-constructed house is worth P13 million

-- For 100 days, the 12 housemates will try to survive without telephone, cell phones, radio, newspapers, computers, watches and without any form of contact with their loved ones
-- 12 housemates (of varied backgrounds, culture and beliefs) knew that one of them will be voted out after hurdling all the tests and challenges since day one of the show
-- Part of the elimination process is through text messages from the viewers, but only after the housemates have voted out the top two candidates
-- The grand survivor will receive one million pesos in cash, a brand new Nissan Frontier Titanium 3, house and lot in St. Monique Villais, and business from Ink For Less.

Hell yeah! I'm a certified PBB maniac!!! Pinoy Big-Brother is a different taste of television viewing. What made me hooked with this carnival is its free-spiritedness, no script, seems like a huge mirror. Sometimes we're falling-in and falling-out, sometimes we talk about other people's flaws, sometimes we care for them, today we lead, tomorrow we follow. But at the end of the day our aim is to survive, to survive the tasks and the obstacles mandated to us either by Him, by other people, or by the nature. Thus, PBB is a perfect reflection of "us".

Uma is my all-time-favorite. No make-believe, what you see is what you get, very straight-forward, say and do what he wants, most of all, he is an obvious smart being. I hated Cass from the start, for being so rigid, she wants everybody else to conform with her, but surely not the other way around. On the other hand, I despised Bob for his actions lately, I wanted him to be the next evictee. He is so bossy with no reasons to bossed, he is just a politician wanna-be. Yeah, I know he is from Marilao, but, who cares? ha-ha-ha!

I always feel bad whenever I missed the primetime happenings. I wish they will move the timeslot earlier or later, but not 10pm because I have to put my son in bed first and foremost. But when Im still awake and blogging late at night, I won't sure missed the UP-LATE, as in watching PBB at 1 o'clock in the morning (without interruptions, stop chatting with Honey and stop blogging)! It's not pretty obvious I'm an addict! Is there a rehab for this?

Big in Style

Fashion tips for the full-figured
(an excerpt from Woman Today)

No more hiding beneath frumpy, un-sexy garbs. It's time to show and flaunt those curbes! Here are some styling tips that will surely come in handy for all the plus-sized females out there, courtesy of

1. Accessorize! It is important to choose accessories that are proportioned to your body size. Pick 1 or 2 bold pieces instead of small one.
2. Wear bright-colored clothes. The misconception that full-figured women should only wear black is a thing of the past.
3. Avoid clothes that are loose or too tight because they tend to make you look bigger. Instead, wear the size that fits you right.
4. Show some skin. Know your assets and flaunt them. Try wearing v-necks, off-shoulders, scoop necks, boat necks and cowl necks.
5. Wear the right underwear. Wearing a properly fitted bra makes you look great and feel much more comfortable.
6. Select flat knit, fine rib and jersey tops. Choose pants with flapless pockets, flat fronts, with just enough stretch for added comfort.
7. Wear at least 1-inch heel to make you look taller.
8. Boot-cut pants draw attention to great legs and away from your stomach.
9. If you must wear stripes, choose vertical rather than horizantal.
10. Have the right attitude! - be confident, be comfortable and feel sexy.

All righty then, helpful buzz for me!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Finding Anemone???

ANEMONE --- do you have any idea what does it means? Well, neither do I. So I asked Mr. Webster about the word, and he answers me with these...

* Named after a terrestrial flower, the anemone, the sea anemone is a group of water-dwelling, filter feeding animals of the order Actinaria. As a cnidarian, it is closely related to coral and jellyfish. The anemone is a (usually) solitary polyp with stinging cells (cnidocytes) in its tentacles. These stinging cells serve to paralyze and capture prey, which is then moved by the tentacles to the mouth for digestion inside a central cavity.

* Some sea anemones form symbiotic relationships with crabs and anemone fish, also known as clownfish. In the former situation, anemones will either attach or be attached to the shell of a hermit crab (by the crab's own volition), providing additional protection for the crab and allowing the anemone to eat scraps when the crab feeds. A similar relationship can be formed between a sea anemone and a clownfish. The clownfish presses itself into the anemone, living comfortably within the stinging tentacles: This is possible because of a protective mucus that covers the clownfish. The clownfish benefits from this symbiotic relationship because it is protected by the anemone. The anemone benefits because the anemone gets food scraps from the clownfish.

In short, this is where Nemo's name came from and this is Nemo and Marlin's habitat.

In shorter, this is the most-viewed DVD movie of my son Jett, like, 5 times a day?

Destressing Mom...

Exquisite!!! The experience is absolutely exquisite! I hanged in the place for more than two hours, and on the third hour, I was murmuring to myself that I wish the next couple of hours, days, and months, would be the same as the two hours passed. This is the first time I had a massage here in Manila.

After sauna, I had a CELLULITE MASSAGE for an hour, well, to work on those bulges down there, while kneading those muscles all over my body which I've been complaining for weeks. And then, I had the ADVANCED CLARIFYING FACIAL, whereas the treatment deeply cleanses your skin, of course with the extraction of whiteheads and blackheads. And finally, my another first, the MICRODERMABRASION which is commonly known as DIAMOND PEELING that lasted for 30mins only. It is a painless exfoliation of old and dead skin cells using diamond crystals. Definitely, no difference from having an ordinary facial (except it is a bit pricy, so watch out girls!), in fact, the treatment is quicker, but they say, the result is much much better (according to Tita Agnes). However, you have to do it several times like 4-10 repetitions, my package is 10-sessios, so I gonna find ways to escape from my son every week. It is a good thing that inclusive with the package are 5 free mint facials, certified savings for me.

I like BIOESSENCE better, compared with the other facial salons I've been to. Here, the ambiance is more serene, peaceful, and rush less, unlike those centers where the facial chairs are situated side by side, here there are dividers separating each clients. The music is not too loud nor too soft, just enough for the relaxing soul. Toilets and baths are also well-mainted, and the stuff are kinda great.

Finally, I wanna thank my husband for once again, one of the "indulgences" I've always getting from him since the beginning. I never hear him saying no. He always spares time for myself. He is my "de-stressor" if there is such thing. That is why I'm missing him more...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

My Crave-List

Before I turn in to bed last night, there are some thoughts loitering in my head. Apparently, these thoughts are the things and people that I've been missing to see, do, and wear.

1. Night out with Honey.
2. Movie date with Honey.
3. Preparing my husband's stuff going to office, from socks to hanky.
4. Whole day shopping, alone.
5. Tutuban malling.
6. Night-bazaar tutuban shopping.
7. Office works.
8. Officeware.
9. Tight jeans and blouses? hmmm...
10. 2-inch heels.
11. Faddy boots.
12. Chic necklaces.
13. Whole body scrub.
14. Back-massage.
15. Sensible and non-sensible talkfest with my friends.
16. Videoke with pals.
17. Going to the park every afternoon with Jett in Bangkok.
18. Manong's mami in Soi Rang-Nam Bangkok
19. Very good night sleep till 12noon.

and counting ....

Saturday, September 17, 2005

My jeepney ride this afternoon

On my way to Meycauayan to buy software of Ulead Photo Express 4.0 c/o Tita May and Tita Judee, I took a jeepney. It is thirty minutes travel from here to Marilao proper, and transfer to other jeep which is another quarter of an hour (INSERT: I usually leave the house in the afternoon during my son's nap time, he will never allow me to leave the house without him). Im very much familiar with these places since I live here.

What made me unfamiliar is the trip itself. I flashed on things I haven't noticed before. Like this factory whose employees are under strike, with the look of their "kubols" in front of the gate, it's like they've been doing this protest for months, and why on earth I overlooked it? Also, there is this Dental Clinic a hundred meters away from our house, I was looking for a dentist to do dental check-up for my niece, oh my gosh, am I blind? The last time I remember my vision was 30-40, but definitely not eyeless, though!

I also observed a number of expats walking inside the mall and around the town. First, probably because it is safe for them to stay here in our province. Second, maybe there are lots of Bulakenas around the world and take home a foreign friend.

Still, let me defend myself for unspying. As a passenger, I'm completely an observer from left to right, right to left. I will miss nothing. But as a driver, I'm so mindless about the things around me but the road and the vehicles in my front and in my back. And since I drive, more than I ride, I lost spots.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my jeepney ride this afternoon, I was informed then.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Catching Up with ... a lonely wife?

It's been a while since I last came here. There are phenomena in my marital life, that I told myself should have been shared on this blog. They are all vividly crafted in my head, just couldn't make them possible to be jotted down here for three reasons:
1. More time with hubby and offspring - less time with blogging
2. Not so easy access to the net
3. With my son's adrenaline rush, can't afford to make "puyat"

Now I'm trying to re-live this journal, made possible for three reasons:
1. Hubby is in Bangladesh - more time blogging at night
2. Smart wi-fi wireless internet access subscription 24/7
3. I hired help to do the running after my son for me

So, what's up for me? Doing the same old thing, taking care of Jett, do the grocery, browse the net, watch television, read newspapers, the only difference is, I do these tasks half-heartedly now, because half of my heart is not here with me. My husband has to be away for us. It's just a sad thing that we are the reasons why he "needs" to be apart from us for a while. I know we're not alone on this kind of set-up, Daddy is abroad and Mommy&Junior left at home ... but I'm still not use to it, and I don't wanna get use to it if we have a chance.

Oh well, maybe I just, miss my husband to death. Understandably because, I'm very much dependent on him. Emotionally, physically, name it, I share half of myself with him. We do a lot of talking when he was here, we share everything, from simple to complex, to a more confound issues. I always ask his opinion on whatever I do, his insights are important for me, because I know he is the right person, who would give me the right answer.

In more than a month, he's gonna be home, reason that will keep me off the blue, and I can't wait to have a conversation-till-dawn with him again.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Jett's Birthday Bash!