Friday, January 27, 2006

TRAVEL LOG - 2nd Day in Hongkong

HONGKONG - Avenue of Stars, JC Jewelry, Aberdeen, The Peak
SHENZHEN - Windows of the World, Jade Factory, Pearl Farm
TEMPERATURE: 15-19 degrees Celsius

It was a bit rainy as we started the city tour in Hongkong, we tripled Jett's clothing. Places we have gone are interesting, hoping we could find in our own home, even a small fragment of tourist attractions this small island has to offer in the world.

Funny coz less than two weeks ago, we were in Manila Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant to celebrate Honey's birthday. And last Friday, we personally saw the much bigger and exactly the same image of Jumbo Kingdom in Aberdeen, Hongkong, twice the size in Baywalk. But we did not eat, we just passed by while riding the fishing boat for tourists and took some pictures.

My most favorite part is the Shenzhen, China trip for half day. In our group, only the three of us availed the trip. We took the train for 45mins, and presto, hello China! We used a group visa so a tour guide from China was waiting for us in the immigration.

Shenzhen I believe is a better place than Hongkong. Roads are wider, cleaner, and fresher. Many residents and tourists from Hongkong are travelling to Shenzhen to shop, because they offer cheaper commodities, pasalubongs, and jewelries. Honey bought me a complete set of jade jewelries with diamonds in titus and regular cut, in a surprisingly low-tag compared to Manila and Hongkong (thanks Honey, I can't take my eyes off it, I really love them). Jade is considered a stone of heaven in China. China is one of the major manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, producers of jade. We also bought two similar necklaces for me and Jett with our Chinese animal signs in pendants. Lucky charm to welcome the Chinese New Year.

We went back to Kowloon Island via train again, good thing our hotel is near Mong Kok MTR station. It was certainly a long-taxing-day, we went home at 10pm. Call time the next day, 9am, were going to Disneyland.

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