Saturday, February 25, 2006

Words He Spill at 26-Months ...

Jett has been practicing to speak the grown-ups way, even before he turned two. And to specialize this day that he is 26 months, I gonna share with you pieces of words he is capable to use and convey.

Tricia for Patricia
Papam for Papang
Nanay for Lola (hehe)
Trick for Patrick
Ally for yaya Sally
howayou for how are you
gdnyt for goodnight
bir for bird
faufu for flower
tees for trees
tatu for water
e-con for aircon
fant for elephant
ming for cat
ki-cream for ice cream
gart for yogurt
ykult for yakult
fone for phone
catoons for cartoons
mumu for monster
Credibles for Mr. Incredibles
Tee-tee for Tweety

Happy 26 months of life JETT!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Isn't He Adorable?

Finally, these pictures landed in my palm. Just can't help to be a too proud Mom. Sigh! I'm head over heels with this little tyke ...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Water Fun!

One of my favorites. Jett splurged himself in this tub of bath, in a visit in Hollywood Hotel Hongkong Disney. He enjoyed it much, since we do not have this at home, hehe.

Bath FreebiesCreated by Jenna Robertson

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Photo Mosaic

A good friend made this work of art possible. Thanks friend!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Tag Fever

Marhgil tagged me with this several weeks ago

1.) The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover
2.) Need to mention the sex of the target.
3.) Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their Comments saying they've been tagged.
4.) If tagged the 2nd time, theres no need to post again.

TARGET: male

physically - I'm not particular with the physical looks, but I've always wanted somebody who has a very fair complexion

emotionally - to be in equilibrium, he should be stable emotionally, because sometimes I am not

psychologically - of course psychologically balanced should he is

spiritually - he should be on fear to wrong other people, loving your brother, means loving GOD

mentally - someone whom you can talk with anything under the sun, a well-rounded individual with vast scope of knowledge in all walks of life

financially - someone who provides the needs and wants of his family

socially - he is always willing to lend a help for those in need, a good listener, and a better companion and adviser

others - someone who never fails to indulge me, treats me more than a princess and a baby, somebody who protects me from harm, and loves me more than words can tell

*In GOD's grace, he sent me a very special being with brilliant personality inside and out, my other half, Bobby*

Im tagging Beth, Judee, May, Shirley, Yen, Beny, Edilor, Bubwit.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Unsubtle Talent

Have you seen a 2 year-old tyke singing and dancing the Pinoy Big Brother song? If not yet, click the thumbnail below .... oopps, forget not, to turn-on your speakers!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Distressing Mom

Its been more than a month since my last facial cleaning. That was on my last diamond peel session early this year. Bioessence texted me the day before yesterday in perfect timing. I really wanna have my face done. Bioessence is offering me another package for basic facial, good enough as maintenance after my DP.

Honey pressed me to get the package. He knows more than anybody else that spending an hour or two in a spa and/or facial center is my distressing activity, and he is too generous to indulge me with such.

And yesterday, while in SM, we availed the promo that I'll be using for the next 6 months. I also had my cleaning. Honey also shopped me for few pieces of clothing that Ive been wanting to acquire, but haven't seen in market, until yesterday.

Haaay, surely It was a distressing day ... hope to have more relaxing days to come =) ...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Studio Family Photograph

This picture was taken in Sweet Dreams studio in Greenhills last Monday. Jett has a collage (type of printout) photo of his own, but they misspelled the name. Instead of RALPH JARRETH (complete name of Jett) they put RALPH GARRETH. We had no choice but to give it back to them. But definitely by next week, I gonna be able to share it here soon after its availability.

However, my DSL is not working again, HMP! I'm starting to despise SMART wifi. I am working this post in an internet cafe here in SM Marilao, while hubby is in the supermarket to do some groceries.

So guys, please forgive me if I haven't got the chance to visit your places. Promise I will, after they fixed my connection. Ciao!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Photo Scrap ...

a shot in Hongkong Ocean Park

shot in Divine Mercy Church Marilao Bulacan

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy VD!!!

Needless to say much ... just one thing ...

It is a PRIVILEGE to be your WIFE

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY HONEY, i love you so very much

Our Pre-Valentine Date ...

Saturday night at 9:00, we celebrated hearts day in a concert in Aliw Theater. Performed by our most promising young performing artists nowadays, Kyla and JR.

It has been a while since our last musical show experience, and I'm just so happy to do this again. Bringing back our Bangkok good memories. Oh gosh, how I miss BKK.

We arrived Aliw Theater at 7:30pm, 8:oopm is the call time based on our tickets, but the show started at 9:00. Parking is P60 (unbelievable!). We skipped dinner, and while waiting for the show to begin, we decided to went out, and eat noodles in Chowking beside Star City.

After we ate, we went back inside, but no signs of starting the show yet. I was fed-up. We didn't pay much to wait for an hour. We were in Mariah Carey's concert in Bangkok, and waited for only 30mins, just enough space to settle everybody. I just really don't understand why these people are playing the numbers, hmp!

However, as soon as JR and KYLA started to swept the floor, I also started to forget my grouchiness. They brought down the house more than what I expected from them. The crowd yell-hell everytime these two reach the highest notes, and, admittingly, we are one of them. HEARTSONGS is the title of the show, so they did sing love songs.

I've been seeing this young pair in television, but after I saw them performing live, I became a fan. More for JR, for the extraordinary flair and showmanship. He has the the voice and charisma to enchant people who will listen to him, even the dreadful Simon Cowell, I'm sure.

To wrap it up, we enjoyed the night. We walked-out the theater more than satisfied. Even singing and humming the songs inside the car, and even before we went to sleep. Among the wide selections of Valentine shows to watch this heart season, I'm glad we ended up in a show, that is for me ... the "BEST". We felt the spirit of Valentino.

View the video

Saturday, February 11, 2006

And our Off-line, Old-friends ...

kits from DSP

Friday, February 10, 2006

More On-line Friend ...

The most certified blogger I've ever met, who opened the gateway to a more pleasing and farther form of blogging for me. A one text/email away blog guru. Best of luck Tito Marh!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Special On-line Friend ...

For having such a wonderul and charming personality, Jean and Churchill are two lucky guys. Thanks for the friendship Ate Ethel!!! Mwuah!

kits from DSP

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Our Year of the Dog Chinese Astrology Forecast

FOR: Hubby

FOR: Baby
ANIMAL SIGN: Water Sheep

The Sheep is the most feminine sign in the Chinese zodiac. Known for his gentle and compassionate ways, he is considered the good Samaritan of the cycle. He is righteous, sincere and is easily affected by sob stories. Although he enjoys being with nature, the Sheep is usually a homebody.

2006 is a variable year for the Sheep, one that will test him to the limit. The key to success this year is to trust your instincts, consult people who care about you, and stay clear of heated arguments. On career matters, new experiences, both good and bad, will provide valuable lessons that will benefit you in the future. It is therefore a year for care and thoroughness. Working closely with colleagues and superiors will help you a lot. It is also a time for vigilance in your financial affairs, so avoid unnecessary expenditures.

However, the Sheep's home-loving nature will give you much pleasure and stability this year. Joining a charitable cause or doing volunteer work will do you well and will bring good fortune.

ANIMAL SIGN: Metal Rooster

The Rooster is the most misunderstood of all the animal signs. Outwardly, he exhibits self-assurance and aggression; but at heart, he could be conservative and old-fashioned. Rooster men are usually attractive, even dashingly handsome. On the whole, the Rooster is sharp, neat, precise, organized, decisive, direct and is good at handling money. He loves to budget everything he could lay his hands on.

2006 will be challenging for the Rooster, a year for treading carefully and avoiding taking major risks. At work, you will often be faced with a heavy workload and complex problems. You need to be more flexible in your approach to solving them. Use your people skills well, think twice before you speak, and be more realistic in your expectations of others. For those planning to shift careers or open a new business, this is not the year for major advances.

Your social life will be busy and you will often be the center of attention so make the most of it and play an active role. For single Roosters, be involved in an activity or sport you've been interested in and it will give you the chance to meet somebody special.

source: the Philippine Star Week

hmmm ... seems like we gonna have a "just okay" year of the doggy ...

Sigh ... So very sweet of him ...

Last night, as included in our bedtime ritual, before we put our son to sleep, we have this little lambingan, harutan, kulitan, and kilitian.

But last night, was such a very doozie night. I was pretending asleep, when Jett thought I was really sleeping, he started kissing me in my lips, repeatedly. Just like what I usually do to him right after he fall asleep, like a goodnight kiss, or a goodnap kiss.

But this is not the part which made this special yet, he sometimes really does this.

After he kissed me, he kissed his Dad, repeatedly, and then he kissed me again, and then his Dad, and he kept on doing this alternately and over and over. This time, he was imitating his Daddy, whenever Honey makes lambing to us, and kiss the two of us, one after another. That was the first time he acted that.

Sigh ... my son is really growing in quick time. I've said this before, that "I wish he remains to be a child, forever, just ... a wishful thinking" .... sigh ....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I can't stop him

I couldn't stop him, he needs an avenue to vent-out. He's been sending this article to all the editors of different news bodies. He is saddened and furious.

Dear Editor,

As I watched on television, with much pity, the dead bodies of about 70+ persons due to the stampede that occurred in ULTRA, I tried to find out the reason on why did that incident happened. As I am writing this, the usual finger-pointing is already occurring. You can just watch the evening news to see what I am talking about. I would not dwell on the things that the investigators should look into but I hope to see that justice is done, no matter who the culprits are.

Those who died yesterday, perished because they are HUNGRY. They have been dying slowly, even before they queued on that long line to their death. With no or very little means of making a living, its only a matter of time for them to reach their grave. They are victims of media hype creating too much commercialism and false hope. This in turn creates mendicancy, and people with tendency to beg. They have turned to luck, to be able to survive. I cannot blame them. They are HUNGRY. People who are HUNGRY, would take their chances just to have money to buy their food. And now we have 70+ of them, dead because of taking their chances.

When Bill Clinton was campaigning for president of the USA, he made a catchy slogan to the American people to define his quest for the presidency. He coined the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid”, to remind his opponent, President George Bush Sr. that it is the issue that should be discussed with the people.

With regards to these 70+ people who are now dead, they died not because of the stampede:

“They are HUNGRY, stupid”


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Ninang Nini!!!

Happy birthday Ninang!!! Another candle to your cake, another feather to your cap! We love you!!!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Untoward Adversity ...

I would like to extend my solace to the family, of those people who lost their lives in a stampede this morning in ULTRA. 88 deaths are confirmed on the last count.

Tens of thousands of people rushed to the place, supposedly to commemorate the first year anniversary of Wowowee hosted by Willie Revillame. Others vigil for days just to made sure they will be accommodated inside. According to the host himself, they were about to spread millions of pesos for this big event, a reason why many people fleet to death.

This incident shows the veracity, that many of our kababayans, distressing it may seems, entrust their luck and fortune to game shows. What I gona spill is a cliche, but I still blab it. I hope Filipinos will realize, that for us to survive our daily struggle, it requires hardwork and lots of faith. In lieu of battling lines of people just to go to these shows, why don't we enriched ourselves with something worthwhile, that we can possibly use for a living, or something like that? I don't wanna sound I'm preaching, coz I myself has no perfect life. But I'm just so sad that these people who died, have not much in their lives, and they did not deserve to die that way.

This catastrophe became an international news. A huge tragic event to start the year.

Very depressing ...

Friday, February 03, 2006

An Edgy Trip

picture taken in a caricature booth Timezone Greenbelt

The day before yesterday, we were in Makati for hubby arranged something. After he was through, we went to Greenbelt to stroll around and had lunch. Since the day is still half-way done, we opted to meet our agent in Greenwoods Pasig, and also for a random check-up of our lot.

After the intersection of Ayala and Makati Ave., before the fly-over going to EDSA, there is this signage that shows "C-5" which is our route, and pointing straight which means, I need not to take the fly-over. It was our first time to take that route, so I followed the sign, and went straight. But before I hit EDSA, the stop light turned red, and I was the first car in the front row. I was signalling left, since I know when I go straight beyond this crossroad, there will be no C-5 there, only subdivisions, and church.

As the light turned green, I started turning left, unknowingly, there is "NO LEFT TURN", and the north and southbound lanes are in GO simultaneously. Damn!!! Good thing, I manipulate the camber easily and accelerated my speed in quick time, and to complete my full turn to the left even before they bumped us, there were only two columns of vehicles I had to counterflow. So I used my horn as if there was an emergency, of course, they horned me back, for putting our lives in danger! (So damn!)

After I made my full turn, I immediately looked at my mirrors if there is an officer after me. I saw a mobile car in a gasoline station in the block, I really thought I will be punished. I've never been chased by a traffic man before. Luckily, no person in uniform followed us. But if things happened otherwise, I am willingly surrender my license for being such an irresponsible, and edgy driver, for once. There is no use of blaming that stupid SIGNAGE (cursed you!!! still), I just gonna have to learn from that mistake.

Wait, you think our road mishap is through? Na-ah! From EDSA, I turned right to C-5. Again, I am not aware, that going straight, is Fort Bonifacio, and left is where we suppose to go, Pasig. And again, there are two arrows, pointing straight and left, but no stupid signage, safer, I went straight, after few meters, there is the damn signage saying boldly to my face, I am going to Fort Bonifacio. I missed the u-turn, and I knew I was on the wrong way again, so I did not follow cars going to the flyover, I went straight, and "DEAD-END".

I passed-by a police officer (feeling guilty I ran-away from his kind), and since we were confirmed lost, I started backing-up, to his post. He was actually waiting for us. In cordial manner, he asked me what was the problem, and I asked him for direction in cordial manner too. This guy was so kind, he escorted us few meters back to where the u-turn is, and gave me the precise direction. Thanks officer!

After so much confusion and lawlessness, we reached Greenwoods, and thank GOD, we arrived home safely, here in Marilao.

I cannot afford this to happen again! Well, I hope so!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Mother's Beseech

As I woke up this morning, I jump for joy to see my husband sleeping in our bed with us.

I had a very unacceptable dream.

The scenario: I just turned widow, renting an apartment in Sta. Mesa, unsure if I'm already a mother. I gonna chill-out and watch movie with my high school friends. I arrived the meeting place riding a motorcycle (weird!), and before I enter the movie house, I popped-out my cellphone, and started composing SMS, crying ... for my (according to my dream) deceased hubby. I was informing him I will see a movie with friends. And, that's that, I woke up terribly sad.

The freakiest part here was, when I opened my eyes, I stared out the window while lying down, believing that dream was not really a dream but my present situation, unaware of hubby and baby's present sleeping beside me. I was so heavy-hearted for 5 secs. Until I turned my head, and see my husband, more than alive and kicking!

I story my dream to hubby, in so normal voice ... but in "tears", can't really help to be in somber mood.

Oh GOD, please don't take anyone away from anyone in this family ... please don't ... never.