Monday, January 30, 2006

Chinese Spring Festival

Chinatown is two rides away from here in Caloocan. We supposed to go in Ongpin a day before, but our schedule did not permit us. Today, me and Honey went dragon/lion hunting in Ongpin, and lucky us, we met one. While eating noodles and dumplings inside a Chinese restaurant, this dragon passed by. We paid our check abruptly, and grabbed that chance to share a photo with this auspicious icon. Of course, "ang pao" given by them, served as the return of the favor.

We gave our share in celebrating this festival which is very much significant for Chinese people. I hope and pray that this Year of the Fire Dog, will give more flame and abudance to our life, and bank savings (wink!)


(note: I wrote this in red because according to the feng-shui expert, red and yellow are the lucky colors this year)