Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More for Honey's Birthday

38 Ways To Say

1. I tell him I love him
2. I give him a hug
3. I kiss him when people are looking
4. I kiss him when people are not looking
5. I hold his hands
6. I give him special presents
7. We see a film
8. We walk arm in arm
9. I talk to him about my feelings
10. We snuggle up together
11. We take a walk together
12. I give him compliments
13. I touch him in a loving way
14. I listen to his worries
15. I hold him close
16. I write him a letter
17. I trust him
18. I hide a love note where he will find it
19. I give him sexy looks
20. I remember anniversaries
21. We give each other pet names
22. We go sightseeing
23. I whisper something nice into his ear
24. I flirt with him
25. We laugh at something funny together
26. Be faithful
27. I impress him
28. I read something and discuss with him
29. I find out what makes him happy
30. We watch the sunset
31. I share my plans for the future
32. We share private jokes
33. We share an ice-cream
34. We have our pictures taken together
35. I think about him
36. I find out what makes him sad
37. I tell him how much I care
38. Be his best friend