Wednesday, January 18, 2006

They Happened Shortly

Two nights ago, sleeping was the last thing I wanted to do. After I've done my post, I started blog hopping here, then I realized, why don't I try a new blog skin, just for a change?! It took a lot of wit to remodel this site since I have so much side blogs and add-ons. 75% of my day occupied this task, and the aftermath made me happy. Thanks a lot Caz for such a charming template.

Then last Monday, my agent texted me while we're in Bulacan, and informed me that all our bookings for HK are confirmed already for tomorrow (Thursday). Excitement once again runs through my body. As much as I wanna bring this computer with us tomorrow, I can't, so you won't see me in the next four days guys, we'll be back on Sunday night.

Got to go!