Wednesday, January 25, 2006

TRAVEL LOG - 1st Day in Hongkong

to organize and have a complete view of our Hongkong trek, I decided to make consecutive posts featuring our day-in-day-out activities

JOURNEY: Ocean Park
TEMPERATURE: 20-22 degrees Celsius

We arrived at the airport 2 hours before our flight at 8:10am, our plane was PAL, so we departed at the Centennial Airport. The flight was 30mins delayed. Jett half of the trip was asleep. He was struggling to walk around the plane, but of course, we did not let him to do so. After Thailand, this is our first time to have a trip exclusively for the three of us.

As we landed in Hongkong, the tour guide, Tommy, was already waiting for us in our meeting place, but we waited for another half an hour until the other family (from Pasig) included in the group arrived.

It is nearly 12noon, and we have an Ocean Park visit for half day, so Tommy just checked us in our hotel Tatami Hampton near Nathan Road, left our baggage, and ride again in the bus to check-in the other group to their hotels, and we proceeded to Ocean Park.

We took our lunch in Mc Donalds Ocean Park, and be surprised that french fries costs HK$10, which in peso is P70, quite pricey though. Just the same, we had a small lunch, Jett can't resist the huge space to loiter around.

Jett really enjoyed the rides in Kids World, even get annoyed when his turn is over. Mostly, we lined-up again to repeat the rides. The lines are not that distant, but knowing Jett, he is impatient to wait so we have to redirect his attention to anything else.

Ocean Park is not so unfamiliar on my end, it is similar to Sentosa in Singapore, and Dream World in Thailand. The only distinct feature here that inculcate in my head is its almost half-an-hour cable car ride. Crossing a mountain (take note, a mountain), and an enchanted topview of Abardeen, the south side of Hongkong Island, keeps me grasps for breath. Jett entertained much the view.

We left the place at 6:30pm, and arrived hotel at 7:30. We rested for a while, and strolled around Nathan Road to look for a place to eat dinner. We found ourselves sitting in a small, of course Chinese restaurant, and ordered typical Chinese food and noodles. The check? P700 (per meal, usually everytime we eat out).

We ended our day packing things on Jett's backpack which we will bring along with us for the half-day city tour the next day, call time was 8:25am.

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