Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Cute Little Kulit Kiddos

Jett has been a waggish child since then. And one of his waggishness, is to make faces in front of the camera. But what made me giggle more is baby Jedd's reaction. Upon glimpsing at the photos, you will think that he is starting to get scared. But knowing this curious kitten, he is in fact discerning, observing, and absorbing his Kuya Jett's every act. So he will be a carbon copy next time. They are the best buddies, Hahaha! These two angels are the happiest part of our life.

Title: Doodley Brushes Set_02
Created by Meryl Bartho
Art of Life Plopper Pair
Created by Elizabeth Weaver
Logan's Stickers Alpha
Created by Amber Gray