Wednesday, June 27, 2007


These are my two little boys. Ralph Jarreth aka "Jett" is the elder, and Renz Jarredh aka "Jedd", is the younger one.

I never thought that Jett will dote on his baby brother as early as his age. He used to ignore his brother during our first days of foursome. So, I thought, it was, but natural for him to behave like that, coz he is still young.

But now, it would be difficult to unglue him to his brother whenever the baby is awake. In the morning, as he open his eyes, the first thing he does, is check his brother if Jedd is already up, and if he is, he goes to our bed and nobody can stop him from snuggling the baby. He always kiss him, play with him, talk to him, or let his baby brother kicks his face, haha! He even wants to bring Jedd to school, or in the grocery (we leave Jedd at home sometimes), or anywhere we go which doesn't permit his brother to come. If he cannot see Jedd around, he asks me "Mommy, where is baby brother?", to reply with, "Baby brother is just with Mama (Lola)", or sometimes, "with Tita".

I hope Kuya Jett will carry on his affection to his brother 'til their growing years, and set a very good example to Jedd.


Perfect & Pure
By Tina Chambers
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Created by Becky Soto
Batik Butterfly Overlay Pack
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Stick 'em Up Songbird Alpha
Created by Linda Rechtin

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First Day Learning

It is an exciting experience to finally let your little tyke spread his wings. And signing-up on a Nursery is one good start. Kuya Jett is already 3.5 years old. I wasn't sure if he really is ready to mingle with the other kids of his age in a confined room. So I enlist him to pre-school to give it a shot.

I enrolled him for only a month, sort of try out on how Kuya Jett will handle this new environment. So far, everything is fine and smooth sailing. I wake him up hassle-free in the morning. His class is from 10am to 12pm, so he wakes up at 830am. During his first week, I stayed in his school and waited for him to finish, but now I hired his Kuya Sonny to be his service using a tri-cycle with his classmate. He didn't either wail to death upon entering the class, unlike other kids who still have separation anxiety with their parents, ended up their moms or dads also attending the class with them.

But there is one, little, tiny problem. He doesn't listen in class, hehe. His attention span is still short, so his focus is not that good. Like what his teacher, Teacher Ann told me, Jett is like his supervisor, roaming around the room the whole time, looking for something to scrutinize, but hardly listen to her. Though if being asked, he can easily catch up. Oh well, I've seen that coming. Jett is a wiggly worm, hehe. I just hope, on the coming days, his hyper-self will somehow loosen-up and learn to be a listener.

For now, I'm still in the process of discerning if Jett will keep up his pre-school, so I haven't bought him his school uniforms yet. But I think, Jett easily got the hang of it, so we might as well continue his class till the school year ends.

I'm kinds teary eyed now, coz I know from this day on, inevitably, you gonna have your own life, own circle of friends, own time, and later on, you will leave Mom and Dad and get married. Oopps, red alert! Red alert! Hahaha!

I gonna have to stop right here, or else, my postpartum bugs will eat me a whole, hehe!

Have fun dear! Lav yah!

All Boy Word Art 2Created by Tina Chambers
Chipboard Bracket Element Set
Created by Suzanne C. Walker
Early Learning
© 2006 by Elizabeth Weaver

Monday, June 18, 2007

As You Turn A-Month Old

Today, we mark your first month of life.

You've been a constant joy from day one,
especially to your Kuya
He really can't get over you.

You made my day restless,
and my nights sleepless.
But it is okay.

You're the extension of your Dad
and your brother.
And for the three of you,
it is all worth the sacrifices.

It is also so gratifying,
Your weight never cease on stepping up.
You are already 4.4 kilos as of last week.

Things have changed, will change.
And they certainly a call for special celebration.

Happy First Month JEDD!!!

Fantasy Landscape Happy NooNoos
Created by Meryl Bartho © 2006 Meryl Bartho

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy 4th Father's Day Honey!

Hi Honey! It is nearly 2am here, the kids are already on dreamland, but Im still working on my pc. I suppose to be sleeping 2hours ago, but since today is your day, I am more than willing to sacrifice few hours of my shut-eye, hehe. Anyway, just wanna make sure that you will read my greeting when you visit my page later today. Even before I got wrap-up with my daily chores and might forget to greet you on text.

Whew! What can I say??! I have said this over and over, but I wanna say it again. That you are the most precious thing that ever happened to my life. Up to this moment, I'm still in awe, how fate brought our paths together. It didn't occur to me a bit, that on my first post college job, I met the person who became the father of my two wonderful sons, and whom I gonna, and wanna spend my whole lifetime up to its single breath. Life really is full of surprises, so let us keep the flame burning.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! This is your fourth time. More than the sacrifices you have made for us, I'm pretty sure, that Jett and Jedd will greet you every Father's Day with much love and pride, coz "YOU" are their Dad.

We love you ... so much!

All About Dad Word Art
Created by
©2006 Tina Chambers
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I've been parenting by myself, an infant and a toddler for barely a month now. And I could say the duty is rewarding though overly, undeniably, extremely taxing, it is.

I don't wanna sound like grumbling. Of course, I can never complain. As what the old folks say, you cannot delay or refuse motherhood once it is already there. I'm still in the adapting period of mothering two kids. Though I'm still in the process of getting use to it, I know, I'll get there in no time. However, it is not easily be done.

Few nights ago, Jett was wronged and I got angry. He wanted to make amends during sleepy time, by saying "I'm sorry Mommy," while weeping. I wanted to go up to his bed so he can say his sorry and kiss me like he usually does, but during the same time, baby Jedd was also wailing to feed. My initial reaction was to attend to both, which I realized right away, was not possible, coz I only have one body. Until I found myself sitting on a chair, also in tears. I was so frustrated with the fact, that why do mothers don't have two bodies or several bodies for every offspring they have. I wish I have two.

In all honesty, at times I feel, I wasn't good enough for my sons. That somehow, I am becoming an irresponsible Mom to one of them, coz I can no longer attend to "all" their needs, though Im a very hands-on Mom. I have a nanny who looks after our belongings, but when it comes to my children, I wanted to take charge of everything. From bathing, eating, changing, sleeping, everything. But I cannot do all those things simultaneously for my two children. I really have to have the wit to quantify my every minute with them.

Let me vent-out some more. My children's pedia is in St. Lukes, so every check-up we travel all the way from Marilao to Quezon City. I have no driver, so I drive. FYI, I'm exclusively breastfeeding, so everytime baby Jedd is in need to feed, I had to pull-over somewhere discreet, so I can breastfeed him. Which somehow, causes a delay for our travel.

And most of all, my greatest frustratation now, is, I can no longer play with my elder son outdoor because I'm tied up with my younger baby. Jett is an outdoor lover. But whenever he wants to play outside, and he sees I cannot come with him but the yaya, he chooses to stay here in the room watching cartoons. Sigh!

To hang in there, I just bear in mind and heart, that whenever I feel like reching the end of the rope, I just pull out some more strings of patience, and I'll be fine. Plus more love for the three boys (Honey, Jett and Jedd), more strength (to keep me going), and more prayers (Divine guidance).

I want things to work out for this family, so I promise to keep my best foot forward!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jedd's Well-Baby Checkup

Your length, and weight gain are fascinating.

I hope you'll keep up the pace.

Keep on growing Sweety!

Scale Kit from DSP

Friday, June 01, 2007

Our First Foursome Smiles ...

Picture taken @
Podium Mall, Ortigas

Two days before Honey left for work, we had our first ever Family Picture of four. I was so elated to see that we literally had a picture perfect foursome. Oh these three boys who turned my life into a roller coaster ride!

Like a cliche goes ... they complete me ... simply because they are my life ... my breath ... my everything ...