Friday, January 06, 2006

EXODUS ... a huge jump forward!

This is the usual time of the year when I enjoy watching Filipino movies. Producers, directors, actors, et. al., give their all best for the film they are in to. First, for the possible commendations from MMFF, and second, because televiewers, moviegoers, families, and kids, make this season a bonding time for them.

I have to admit this, EXODUS: Tales of the Enchanted Kingdom, is one of the best Tagalog movies I have ever seen. Two thumbs up for this movie! Conspicuous cutting edge special effects! I love the scenes of Long's live playing cards, and Iya's stones manipulation. Bong Revilla best fitted for the role of EXODUS, who is grim, unsmiling mercenary with extraordinary fighting skills. The four engkantos, Tolits, Iya, Aubrey, Benjie, made justifications for their roles as well.

However, the story is half-baked which left questions unaswered after you watch the movie. As well as Paolo Bediones whose acting is also half-baked.

Though, in summary, this movie is something we should all be proud of. Hats off for the hands and minds behind this film. An amazing one great leap forward in right right direction for local cinematography!

My rating? 5 bold stars!!!