Sunday, January 29, 2006

TRAVEL LOG - Last Day in Hongkong

JOURNEY: Roam-around Hongkong Island
TEMPERATURE: 13-17 degrees Celsius

Our last day was our free day. No itinerary. Since we were in Lantau Island, we used the MTR Disneyland Station to go back to the town proper and made sure to visit our all time favorite Jollibee! After our lunch in Jollibee where we met a number of Filipino workers, we saw a tram, and decided to took a ride, not knowing until where to go. Several stops after, and few good smiles in our camera, we disembarked in a mall, find the nearest MTR station, and went back to our hotel in Disneyland. Our transport to the airport was 5:45pm.

To gratify most the Disney quest, I believe Hollywood or Disney Hotel is an enormous "must-stay" place. You gonna miss the heart of amusing yourself with such a fascinating and witching encounter, if you wont made your way here.

People are so friendly. And the still brand new rooms, are all mickey mouse inspired, from the bedsheet, lamps, mirror, headbord, rats anywhere. Jett didn't fed up coz the flat screen television are all Disney channels, and Jett loves watching them. He was so behave staring the TV. The view from our room was so serene, all green, you will feel like you dont wanna leave this place forever.

To end this journey, I wont get tired of thanking my Honey for such a beautiful escape from the real world. The three of us had so much fun. Thanks for the wonderful memories you won't fail giving to us. LOVE YAH! from me and Jett! Cant wait till our next journey!

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