Friday, March 31, 2006

Sobrang "Sobra"

Grabe na to ... everyday na lang na manonood ako ng tv, tuwing me artistang ini-interview, ganito ang litanya ... "sobrang happy ako, dahil sobra-sobrang blessings ang dumating, kaya sobrang thankful ako talaga, sobra" .... or ... something to that effect.

Sus, I really don't understand, kung bakit sobra-sobra naman ata ang paggamit nila sa salitang "sobra"? Dalawa lang yan eh, unexplainable ba talaga ang feelings that no amount of words could best fit for the emotions? Or, exag lang talaga ang pagkakakuwento para sa isang pangkaraniwang pangyayari? Na minsan, gawain talaga ng iba sa atin, para, wala lang ... just for the heck of it!

(Teka, napansin nyo ba taglish ako ngayon? Wala lang din, tutal tagalog naman ang title ko eh! hahaha! Anyway, back to my post ... )

Hay naku, whatever it is ... if you blab the truth ... isa lang ang masasabi ko .... "elaboration pleeassee?!"

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Have you seen her recently with this pair of dangles on her ears? Well, I notice them, and I absolutely love them. I bought a copycat in SM which I wore on our anniversary date (hehe!). I think Kris has different pairs in different pearl colors. I admire her being a fashion accessory buff, but definitely not her bustier (they are so yucky, and trying hard).

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


For the past days, due to some reasons, I spent hours on the road, commuting in public transport, tricycle, jeepneys, LRTs. Everytime I leave, Honey doesn't fail to send me text messages that goes, "mag-ingat ka, baka maligaw ka, kawawa ka naman", to the extent of saying "uuwi na nga lang ako, nakakaawa ka kasi eh! tutulungan kita". Hahaha! He is so funny! My husband always think I'm still a little girl, with no sense of direction, and doesn't know how to safeguard myself against bad elements. Don't worry Honey, "magtatanong ako sa pulis kapag nawala ako, hehehe!"

I had the chance to experience the LRTA2 ride. The LRT line in university belt all the way to Antipolo or Marikina, I'm not sure though. LRTA2 is more elaborated than MRT and LRTA1. It has coins/bills operated ticket dispenser machines, nice elevators for elderly and disable, clean stations, and roomy couches comparable to BTS in Bangkok. And, take note, since the trains are new, the aircon is superb, you can even wear your jackets inside, hahaha! I hope there will come a time that they will also put tv screens in stations and couches, so everybody will have a pleasant and nice journey.

Lastly, a sad news surprised this household. Ming was found dead, two mornings ago. According to the owner, she was poisoned by food intended for rats. We were in despair. I remember, the night before she died, Jett was playing with her furry friend, and carrying her like a baby. Surely, we will miss you Ming. She left with four kittens.

I might be back for blogging for the next days or weeks, Honey gave me a time-off. Tomorrow I'll visit a salon in SM to try hair relax treatment. It has been a while since my last hair pampering. I deserve and need a break!

Good night people!!!

Insert: Happy 37th-Month Honey, I almost forgot! I love you!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Busy Mode

Hello Guys, It's been a while. I'm too pre-occupied (again) with my own stuffs. And I'm through yet with being restless, I just started. Im sorry, coz, I am not in liberty as of the press time to divulge with you guys, what is going on, I might pre-empt something, but I am more than happy to share with you our stories, as soon as the situation already calls for it.

So, I blog-in-and-out for the next couple of days, maybe months? Oh, I really do not know. But please pray for us, that things happen on their best laid plans, and hopefully foolproof. Your prayers will be our guidance.

On a lighter note, just wanna remind my husband, in case he is reading this right now, to forget not his haircut, oh yes my dear hubby, this weekend is your haircut sked. I know your busy as well, but I couldn't allow you to walk-in your office with your 3-week-old hairdone, so please, visit your nearest barber shop, okay?

Nonetheless, to my friends who do not fail to visit my blog, I'll keep you posted!!! And promise to visit your places soon ... have a nice weekend everyone!!!

P.S. Just wanna spare this space on thanking Ms. Cindy del-Rosario, my fellow ____wannabee. Thanks for the talk we have had two nights ago, like what I've told you, you are an angel in disguise, thanks for the enlightenment and wisdom that you self-lessly shared with me. I'm sure you will be off to Bangkok soon. Let's pray harder.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy 27th Month Jett!!!

Ming is our frequent visitor. She's our neighbor's cat. Jett loves her so much and waits for her always.

Girlfriends Page Kit Created by Lauren Bavin

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Marked-down Tag at DSP

Hi ya! To all the digiscrap buffs out there, this is your chance to grab 20% discount on wide selections of different adorable kits, here at Digital Scrapbookplace. After Thanksgiving, St. Patty's Day is their next biggest sale. I bought myself 5 lovely kits, which I'm sooo excited to use for our photographs. Sale ends March 18th at Midnight ET, so you still have time.

Enjoy digiscrapping!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006


So, it was a mistake. I put DAVID RADFORD, on this post whom I meant to be WILL MAKAR. Im sorry, I'm just not good in naming names. I confused DAVID (who was cast away two weeks before) for WILL, maybe because they look similar on-cam, and have the same genre in singing, and usually pick-up the same classic type of songs, I don't know.

Well, it is less important now, coz despite of their good looks, they are now both histories (bad!).

It is ...

and not...

Thursday, March 16, 2006


This is one of those days that an attack of the munchies is inevitable. Everytime I crave for something sweet and tasty, this simple mixture of powdered milk and white fine sugar is a must for me, minus the water (haha!). I have a sweet tooth, that is why I don't mind pigging-out with such.

Wanna try?!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Yesterday, at ungodly hour of 3am, I suddenly woke up, didn't know why. I begun staring to nowhere.

And unstoppably, the windmill in my head started generating different scenarios. I'm thinking about my husband and his work, I'm thinking about our life five years from now, I'm thinking about our investments, I'm thinking about my son's future, I'm thinking about this country, is there a littlest glimpse of hope this country can offer to my family? I'm thinking about our present situation, I'm thinking about ... so much, that it is impossible for me to go back from sleeping.

As I chat with my hubby yesterday afternoon, he told me, he didn't have a good night sleep either. He also woke up at 3am, and were visited by the same thoughts.

Im very much certain, that in GOD's perfect time, it would be sleepless-nights no more ... and I trust HIM with that.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

At Last!!!

After 7 months of SMART wi-fi subscription, my free e-mail account is finally working (yahooo!!!). That was not for the reason that I did not activate it deliberately, rather because the password they were providing me was incorrect. Incorrect, that they had the toughest time to figure-out what really is my password. We're spending nearly an hour over the phone for troubleshooting several instances.

But all is well that ends well, now I have my very own, I could have wanted it to be, but not sure, if the changing process will take me again to forever, so I'd rather use the current.

I love Outlook Express better because it allows me to insert pictures in actual sizes inside the body of the email, unlike in Yahoo, which only attach pictures or even if inserted in the body, it doesn't show the real sizes and have to click the thumbnail first.

Above is the very first message in my inbox. Honey was not so okay about work that time, anyway, he easily got-over it, he is the most resilient person in the world.

For now, I'm enjoying my OE, sending pictures to all my addressee, hehe.

Hope an enjoyable day awaits you too!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Janay is One Year Old!

This car is tooo close in my heart. I've been working with her since day one. Aside from the fact that she is our very first-owned vehicle, she also opened the gateway of responsible, better, and wiser (hehe) driving for me. Honey left abroad, two months after we bought this car, so I was left with her and with all the accountabilities and care, that goes in owning a brand new car.

From then on, I was caught up with cars and how to accentuate them. I familiarized myself with different car accessories which best fit my Janay.

Here are the lists of improvements I/We personally chose for Janay:

-- from steel rings to mugs (Honey's choice)
-- changed to a louder horn
-- Winnie the Pooh mat (my choice)
-- window visors (my choice)
-- titanium door handles (my choice)
-- mud guard (my choice)
-- water proof, plastic plate cover (my choice)
-- colored side mirror
-- fog lights

Happy One Year Baby Girl!!!

elements from buds of may kit, pastelbday kit, and williams design quickpage

Friday, March 10, 2006

It Is The Boys This Time

Indeed, exceptional talents the boys exude tonight! I'm pleased with the awesome crafts these three guys throw off, especially Ace, who did a very risky Michael Jackson falsetto song. You rocked the house boys!!!




I'm not quite sure if he will not be joining us next week, but amongst the best performances, he was on the bitter end. Best of luck David!


Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Bomb -- and --- The Not So Bomb

After the girls' performances this night, I think, these gals blast the bomb! Good job girls!!!




And we will definitely not be seeing her next week. She just booked her plane ticket home, as what Simon said. She screwed up singing Alicia's "If I Ain't Got You", one of my fave songs. Hmp!


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brush Those Pearly Whites

My writing bug doesn't bite today, I had a very long taxing day, that is why. Marilao-St. Lukes-SM Marilao. I bought few needed items in supermarket, and had our dinner in Jollibee, we went home at 6:30pm. I feel so tired. Jett is tired as well, at 8:30pm, he's already fast asleep.

But anyway, let me just leave with you this computer scrap I made for my son while having a good time cleaning his teeth. His pedia said, he has a good set of choppers, hehe. Enjoy!

Deep Blue Something Sampler Freebie
(C) Meredith Fenwick
All Boy Word Art 2Created by Tina Chambers
Greenmarble alpha from DSP

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hiatus Mode

Last month, I was too pre-occupied to be in blogosphere. I was strayed from Feb 25-Mar 1 (whoah! that was quite some time).

Well, I believe these are the reasons that buzzed me off ...

-- Janay (our car) will be expiring its insurance on the 10th of the month, and Directlink is giving us same premium compared to other non-life insurance, but with a lesser amount of freebie. That is why we decided to get from other Toyota accredited company (I forgot the name, hehe), that is giving us free glass etching, an effective anti-theft measure.

-- I am suck in using so many cables in this notebook. Since I shift places while on the web (like the bedroom or the living room), I needed to bring all the cables that goes with this computer. I requested Honey to stop my madness, and he bought me a "wireless router" which permits this pc, cable-free. Thanks honey.

-- We realized, as of the press time, we avail not of any "health insurances". I rang Jett's pediatrician in St. Lukes to ask what health insurance companies they have accreditation, and she gave me the lists. Honey, did a worksheet for comparison, and hopefully we will settle in no time.

-- Peso performed stronger than ever. We were busted, and went "panic-selling", and exchanged all the dollar reserves that we have.

-- After reading FJC's books, I could humbly say, I am now financial literate (but definitely not an expert), and becoming more aware that a good retirement lies on what we do in our money "now".

-- For the first time in our married life, we made our first ever Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SAL) and Personal Income and Expenses Statement (PIES). We've been busy doing this in excel and been asking friends for the market value, and agents for the cash surrender value. Nevertheless, we are happy that we now learned our NET WORTH. At least, we are now complacent to leave our son with a good life in the future.

-- On my next posts, I will share with you, what kind of venture we involved ourselves recently.

Tomorrow, it is Jett's visit to his pedia for a shot. Driving all the way from Marilao to Q.C., my nanny is in a week-long off, good thing, Patricia my niece has no classes tomorrow, I gonna bring her with us, to look after my son while in the car-seat at the back. Honey won't allow us to travel alone, there has to be someone who will accompany Jett at the backseat, or else, postpone the trip.

But for now, I'm no longer in hiatus mode, and certainly back and blogging to the highest level!!! Good night!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Happy 56th Year of Life Mama!

We love you so much. Thanks for always taking good care of me and Jett.

Birthday TitlesBy Tina Chambers
Gold Page Pebble AlphabetCreated & ©2005 Lauren Bavin
Lace Feather Plopper from DSP

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Celebrating Our 3rd Year

Some of my friends, who religiously follow this site, might be confused how come we fete two major anniversaries in a year? ... For reasons that Feb 28 is our "sweethearts" anniv (you know, boyfriend-girlfriend thing), and Oct 29 is our "matrimonial" anniversary (as husband and wife).

Now that I finally enlightened you guys, let me share with you how we observed this time, our 3rd Sweethearts Anniversary.

Unfortunately, Honey left on the day of our anniversary (Feb.28), to once more, perform the supreme sacrifice of working abroad. So we decided to celebrate the night before the red-letter-day. I reserved for seats, and that night, we made our way to LE SOUFFLE Top Of The Citi Restaurant, in Citiland Tower Makati 34th floor. It is your choice of outdoor or indoor fine dining. Since, we are commemorating a very distinguished occasion, we opted an open air candlelight dinner.

It was our lucky day, coz, very few guests were eating, and you wont believe this, it was only the two of us, who were dining-out, which turned the outdoor resto exclusive for us. With all the stars, moons, and planes passing by, the tallest buildings in makati, 360 degrees view of the city, and of course, with the candelight (actually, candelights, coz they arranged like 4 candlelights in holder near the plants, plus a candle in our table), you can never construe in words how romantic the place was, which made the night as pleasing as our euphoric emotions.

We were talking very casually, while enjoying the mouth-watering delicacies. I ordered pene pasta in tomato sauce and salmon (my favorite), and honey ordered braised pork with vegetable and rice. We even tried the dessert of the house, the Souffle cake. Foods are so luscious. Like what Hubby said, the prices are very much affordable, which we were surprised as we got our check.

Our conversation was partly reminiscing of the past years, past hang-ups, past highlights. We also talked about the future, and what we want to achive in our lives as individual, and as one family. We even discussed and admit some differences, and tried our very best to patch-up the small holes. With all humility, submission, and sensitivity, we also profess to one another how important is this relationship for us, to last, till our last breath. And I am more than thankful that we're on the same track.

Everything was so perfect. It was a perfect place ... for a perfect night ... for a perfect occasion ... Im looking forward to celebrate more anniversaries with my only one ...


Friday, March 03, 2006

Remembering Her on Our 3rd Year

Hi Honey,

Happy 3rd year to us!

I really enjoyed our date last night. The place was romantic, and the food was really great. And its not that pricey, for a fine dining restaurant.

The “opening of our hearts” was really interesting, asking each other what to expect now that we completed our 3rd year, and what do we look forward in entering our 4th year of being sweethearts. We discussed the whole thing so casually, with all the honesty and candor.

Honey, I will not do anything that will break-up our marriage. I will always take the time to be more patient, and will always do the first move to clear the air between us. Whether its my fault or yours, doesn’t matter. My solemn vow to you in front of our parents will not change. I love you so much.

Please take care of yourselves while I am away. Kisses to you and Jett always.

Again, happy 3rd year! I Love You!


(Hubby e-mailed this letter on the day of our anniversary, which was the same day he left for work in Bangladesh, huhuhu)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Remembering Him on Our 3rd Year


You know we have seen so much over the years

and you have always been true to your word.

You have stayed beside me

through the good times and the bad,

in sickness and in health,

for richer and for poorer.

No one said it would be easy,

but it has not been hard

going through this life with you.

You have such strength and confidence

that all is well…and it always is.

Thank you for being there

and for being strong for me.

Thank you for teaching me

not only about life,

But more than life can teach.

Today, on this very special day

I want you to know

That the love I have for you Is FOREVER

And I will cherish it always

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary Honey!


(note: I am wearing the rings alternately, since I got married first before I got engaged, hehe)