Thursday, June 25, 2009

Get Better Soon Son

Jett has been feverish for the past two days. Thank GOD his burning up vanished late afternoon today. His peak of high temperature went up to 40C on dawn last Tuesday. He was chilling, and was looking for his Dad, and was telling me he was scared. I told him it's okay Mommy will stay beside you. He was complaining about his neck, his eyes and tummy were painful. I barely shut my eye that day to check my son from time to time. I totally felt relieved that now he is already okay.

It is terrifying to have fever nowadays due to A(H1N1) pandemic scare. I also learned last Monday from Teacher Ann, his adviser, that three of Jett's fellow Kinder students from other section were also absent due to high temperature. I asked his pediatrician, Dra. Mendoza if I need to rush him to the hospital that time to see if Jett was showing signs of swine flu. She told me that swine flu, like a normal flu, has to have symptoms of high fever, cough and colds, poor appetite, and had recent travel or exposure with people of such disease. Since Jett had only fever with no cough and colds, she advised me to observe first his condition, just stay home and make him rest, and give paracetamol on regular schedule.

I hope tomorrow if there are already classes (today was suspended due to typhoon Feria), Jett will resume his schooling and catch-up for last Tuesday's lessons.