Monday, April 30, 2007

40th Month On His Own Bed

I'm so proud to my eldest son, that it wasn't a tough effort for both of us, his moving to a big bed. He's been sleeping beside us for years. From 4months to a year, he was sleeping in a cot, until we arrived here in the Philippines and he got sick, so we decided to move him beside us when he was 1.2 years old. And from then on, till two weeks ago, he was sleeping next to me or us when his Dad is around.

But I came to a decision which almost break my heart (sob!). We have to transfer him to his own dozing place. As in his own bed, his own blanket, own mattress, own pillows, own bedframe. His baby brother will be arriving few days from now, and we cannot afford to sleep all together in one bed. That is for Jett and Jedd to have a sound sleep without distracting one another, so we have to separate ways.

It wasn't possible to switch him to other room since we have very limited space, so we went to a fabrication of Paluchina woods double decker bed near our place, and asked a made to order 36x48 size of double bed.

When the Paluchina bed was done, I did not compel Jett right away, to sleep in the upper deck (me and the new baby will be staying in the lower deck). What I did was, I let him to get use to it, by playing upbed, watching tv there, lying down, etc. I also bought a Mr. Incredibles comforter, bedsheet, and pillow cases, all uniformed, so he will think that it was just an extension of his play space. And then I decorated the room with a wallpaper and a Winnie the Pooh border, since he knows Pooh well. And then put a glow in the dark ceiling paper with different shapes in it, stars, mooons, hearts, etc. I then purchased a kiddie side lamp in a shape of a cow, with yellow and blue patches, which is a very good instrument to easily lull him to dreamland upon looking at it.

And then, the B-day came, here are the patterns:

First night - I put Jett to bed (upper deck) and waited for him until he fell asleep. He woke up and cried at 4o'clock dawn, and then moved back in my bed. We ended up sleeping for the night together.

Second night - After his bedtime routine and bedtime lessons (ABCs, shapes, numbers, and colors), I put him to bed still awake. Tuck inside his blanket, said his prayers, and then I bid him a goodnight kiss, and went back to my bed. Take note that he was still awake as I said my goodnight. He woke up like 4 times the whole night. But I stand strong, that he should stay in his bed. Everytime he wakes up, I go up to him, tap him a little, and retender my goodnight, then leave.

Third night - Same routine as the second night, but this time, he woke up only once at dawn. But he remained in bed, and I remained on my own.

Fourth night - He had a sound sleep throughout the night. And I was left being half-sleep all night. Missing my son sleeping beside me, huhu!

Up to now, he is sleeping on his own hassle-free. The ending, I am the one who had a hard time adjusting to our new setup, hehe. Well, seriously, I was sad, that after all these years, Jett has to move on his own bed to give way to his little brother. I know that eventually, he will switch to his own bed, or own room, but I never thought it would be as early as now that he is only 3 years at age, sigh! I was left with no choice, and had to do this now, even before baby Jedd enters our lives, so everybody is well adapted by the time he comes, including myself. It took me a while before it finally came to my senses that Jett is a grown-up now. There were even nights and naps, that I cried (no kidding!), with that realization. Oh well, you can always blame it to the hormonal changes, haha!

Well, the good news is. I am okay now. Jett is okay now. I think, we are both ready for the D-day (delivery)!

Congratulations Jett! Another milestone ... another achievement! Me and Daddy are so proud of you son! We love you!

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

My First Ever Pregnancy Portrait

Pictures taken @
Podium Mall, Ortigas

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It costs me an arm and a leg for this photo shoot. But the heck with the money! I'm not forever big bumped anyway, hahaha! It should have been a family portrait, but Honey just left right after I turned eighth month (I preferred my 8th month to do the pictorial so my tummy will appear super expecting, hehe), so the frenzy preparations and schedules of his pre-departure halted my dream, that our first ever foursome picture, be on a form of a "pregnancy portrait".

Anyway, it was really a fun experience doing this shoot. It was my first time since I never had one with Jett. Picture Company really took care of the privacy of the engagement. Wherein nobody was allowed to enter the studio itself, only me and the young and chic female photographer, 'til we were done. Even Jett has to stayed outside (in the reception area) after our pictures together was taken, so he won't interfere with our session. They made it discreet coz the Mom has to bare out some skin, just to highlight the aesthetic side of the pregnancy. It took us nearly two hours to wrap-up.

Hmmm ... I think the pictures are tastefully done. After all, I feel like I'm on my sexiest whenever I'm pregnant, so I might as well flaunt it ... otherwise ... I won't dare pose like such behind lenses ... eewwww!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Weight Gain ... Weight Lost ...

Exactly a week ago, I had a visit with my Ob-Gyne, and Jett with his Pedia. I'm so glad to see the weighing up of the scale as he took the stand. From 15.9kilos two months ago, he is now 17kilos. And from 98cm, now he is 99cm. It is a triumph for me coz Jett is a slow slash picky eater. It is really a tough job getting him through his meals. So I always make it a point that he only puts no junk but high calories source of nutrients even his snacks. He hardly had any afflictions since 6months ago, so I think, this is a great factor for Jett's constant thickening. I just hope he only gets better.

On a different note. My weight check with my Ob is as not good as with my son. This is of course after she assures me that this is a no problem, and I should be bothered not. From 136lbs, three weeks ago, I'm down to 134lbs (I started as 112lbs till I found out I'm pregnant). She told me that 2lbs weight lost is common, and sometimes really fluctuating at this stage (8th month). Though the average gain should be a pound per week or 25-35lbs on the whole pregnancy. I'm still short of 3lbs.

Well, my husband just told me last night during our video chat, that I look thinner in comparison with the same period of my previous pregnancy. And I know exactly why. I hardly have a dremy sleep. My appetite is not good, I always think about my Honey. Yeah, seriously, I'm more of a muncher, if he personally prepares my food and dine-in with me, sigh. And besides, how can I eat decently if I know that what he eats everyday, is a lesser delighty food. And also, I'm still a super hands-on Mom to my soon to be Kuya Jett. I still feed, dress, bathe, play, look after, and send him to sleep. I wanna make the most of our time together coz for sure, my attention with him will never be the same again as soon as his brother arrives. And I really feel guilty about it this early.

I hope and pray that everything will be okay ... coz I have to admit ... I'm kinda scared right now ... even if it is my second time ... and have few apprehensions on my near giving birth.

Oh my gosh, I think I'm already suffering to a pre-baby blues syndrome =). You think so?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pacquiao vs Solis ... for a minimal fee ... ?

This may be good ...

but with this? ....

Our cable provider New World TV, didn't even bother to confer to their subscribers if it would be just fine to charge us an additional fee of P50 just to watch Pacquiao and Solis fisting each other's face. Yeah I know, this is very minimal, but what if the residence of a particular house, like yours truly, is in no edge over this fight? But hey, I'm not playing perfidious to my own kababayan here ... it's just that, I don't understand the technicalities of the art of boxing, and there is no way for me to appreciate them performing the match live on tv. I would be more glad to wait for a sports analyst to explain the details of the competition, on why the other defeated the other, the strengths and weaknesses of the fight, etc. Then that is the only time I can blend in the glove game.

And besides, after the previous Pacquiao-Morales fight, and the much talked about advertisements and endorsemenst over SanMiguel Beer products, I strongly believe these games are no longer for art sake, rather, it is now profit-oriented and highly commercialized. Just like watching your favorite movie or soap opera, everything is just an "act". However, if this fight is synonymous to zero crime rate ... well, let them be an artist of their own.

My two cents worth!

Friday, April 13, 2007

FG's "Critical Period" Hype

In between the 48-hour critical period of Mike Arroyo, we were in St. Lukes for my every two weeks routine check-up with my ob-gyne Dra. Elsie Pascua, while Jett has his anti-flu shot by his pedia Dra. Dalisay Mendoza.

This was what we saw. At the main lobby just before the main building's entrance, cameramen, crews, and media, are waiting to suck on any development or failure about Mike Arroyo's health following his high-risk open heart surgery on Monday. And as we all know by now, unlikely (hehe), he passed the 48hour critical post-period after he went under the knife and currently on dialysis.

Oh well, I don't wanna sound the bad guy here, but I'm sorry coz you won't be hearing any "wishing wells" on this post. I make this entry only to share this picture noh! The only thing I could say about all these brouhaha is that ... it's harvest time!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Working Like Ants

I'm waiting for a buzz and currently ym available, until a text message lighted up my silenced fone. Honey cannot make it again tonight on-line. He's been burning candles at both ends from the day one he came for work in Dhaka. He never had a day off since nearly three weeks ago and hardly had a complete hour of sleep. It is becoming a regular routine that he comes home at 11pm sometimes later (Dhaka time) or 1am (Manila time), and leaves the next day between 8-8:30am at his time.

This project is his first ever working experience for Ericsson. According to him, he easily learns the new stuffs as he gets the hang of it, however, the workload is so weighty and time grabbing due to its pressing schedule. To the extent that he only eats biscuits for lunch or dinner because he needs to cling in his site until a development sprung out. Sigh... pity to my Honey. But I'm much apprehensive about his health. Of course, eating biscuit as a replacement for a meal isn't good enough. I'm pretty much vocal about my anxiety, and tell him how can we enjoy a fat savings if he is ailing? (Knock on wood...) So, please Honey take care okay? I know you've been working like ants, but please, please, satisfy your body with enough nutrients by eating the right food, to keep yourself going. Sigh!

You know, sometimes, when I'm halfway breaking down performing my obligations (FYI, I'm very much hands-on Mom to our son plus I'm 8-months on the way), and feel like I wanna give up. But when I think about all the hardwork Honey is doing right now, I believe I'm in no position to complain.

Honey, I understand, that this is only one of the greatest sacrifices you are doing just to provide for your family. You had to leave and work for a while, even if it means you gonna miss an important milestone of our family life, my giving birth to your 2nd son. I cannot put into words how gratifying as a father and as a husband you are to us. I want you to know that we are so proud of you, and we love you so dearly, and miss you so terribly.

Take care always! I hope these pieces of expressions will somehow lighten and lessen up your distress. Love yah!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Now a Vacant Lot ... Soon a Dream House ...

A little over a week, before Honey left to Bangladesh, we managed to pay a visit in our 171sqm corner lot in Greenwoods Executive Village in Pasig. And we are more than pleased to see that the place is good as done. The roads are concrete, underground drainage system, cemented sidewalks, etc. Everything seems to be ready for a dream house.

With the continued grace from Above, we long to start building our aspiring abode before the year ends. Crossed finger, and sincere prayers with hardwork.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chock-full EDSA

It was way past the gridlock hour, I thought. 'Twas actually 9:30pm when we drove off The Podium in Ortigas last night (driven by myself with Jett, yaya, and my bump, hehe) for my pregnancy portrait in The Picture Company. To my surprise the heavy flux of traffic was still there, and seems to have been pestering the motorists for a couple of days, according to a news report I chanced upon viewing earlier. Well, it was like a news blackout for me on the previous days due to my hustle sched (abusive of the few more weeks left for me before I hatch the egg, hehe).

Okay, back to my story. The choke points of traffic are from Crossing all the way to Quezon Ave flyover, and then we embattled another jam from SM North Edsa to Munoz. It was really taxing. It only came to my senses today, that it is Holy Week that's why. Well, if my memory serves me right, I've never been to EDSA that late night on a Holy Week. The mere reason I wasn't prepared to the gush of people wanting to have a long weekend to their respective provinces and some for a grand vacation away from Manila. We should have taken an alternate and not so long route of Greenhills-Araneta-A. Bonifacio. As we all know, EDSA is the haven of almost all bus liners transporting outside Manila. Well, I used to travel that major thoroughfare on rush hours of Holy Week, like 5-7pm from Mandaluyong going home to Bulacan via, bus and MRT, so comprehendably the traffic is really there, but not at nearly 10 at night, duuhhh???

Wait ... speaking of Holy Week ... it just cropped-up my inner cheese, that there is this one great unforgettable recall during the same season occurred 4 years back then, right Honey? What was it? Well, that is another story. And I don't think I have more than enough guts to share it on this public medium. Just e-mail me, hehe.

Anyway, as a wrap-up, just wanna remind those who have any plans of travelling along EDSA. If possible, take alternate routes, or if unavoidable but to take EDSA, be prepare for a long, tiring, slow moving, jam-pack road. Bring your favorite cds to keep your cool, or bring a bubbly friend to have a good chitchat.

Have a happy and safe trip!!!