Saturday, January 28, 2006

TRAVEL LOG - 3rd day in Hongkong

JOURNEY: Hongkong Disneyland
TEMPERATURE: 13-15 degrees Celsius

We were so thrilled, we have not been to any Disneyland Theme Park, and this would be our first. The tour attendant fetched us from our Hotel in Kowloon Island at 9am, to drop us in Disney Hollywood Hotel located in Lantau Island near the airport, where we spent a night in our tour. We checked-in, left our baggage, and ride a Disney shuttle to send us to the Disneyland Park.

It was a lean season, visitors are mostly Chinese and very few Westerners. The lines are minimal, and you have the rides in no time. The place is really magical, can never believe that I am seeing this in person, while 4 months ago, I was watching this place on TV for its grand opening.

Aside from having the luxury of seeing Winnie the Pooh, Mickey and Minnie mouse, Donald Duck, et. al., and taking snap shots with them, the highlight of all the highlights, is the Disney Parade. You can see all the disney characters dancing in their own fabulous, well-adorned coaches. The parade lasted for more than half an hour, so your eyes are more than satisfied.

At mid-afternoon, we went back to our hotel, to rest for a while, and recharge our videocam. We had a one whole day re-entry pass, so going out and back is a no problem, you just have to show your stamp. We went back at 6pm, and rode all the possible rides we can hitch. Jett loved it.

At 8pm, the much awaited fireworks, that much spectators has been waiting for, has started. It was sooo amazing, (but of course, incomparable to Pyro Technic Event in Pasay which for me is much much better). The fireworks was held at the back of the castle, so it will give an impression that there really was a party and enchantment going on inside. The dramatic lights in different colors, turning on and off, and the disney songs, plus the fireworks at the back made our whole day.

We ended our Disneyland visit in buying a photo frame souvenir, with all the characters on it. Kinda pricey but worthy to purchased.

It was really a spellbinding experience!

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