Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Most Important Person in My Life!

Honey, you just don't know how much I feel blessed spending my everyday life with you. I'm really thankful that GOD gave me a person who loves me more than he loves himself. We may not the perfect couple like what we read in romance novels, instead, we are the couple that tried our best to be perfect for each other, and for me, that matters most.

On this special day, I wanna wish you more peace of mind, a better health, promising career, and a more meaningful life with us. I promise to standy by your side, and will always be here for you, for better or for worse, amidst the obstacles that will come along our way, 'till the end of our lifetime.

Because for me, you are more than significant ... You are everything ... I love you so much ... Now and forever.

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