Friday, June 30, 2006

Our New Theme Song on Our 32nd Month

Sigh, do you like my background music? So am I. I fell in love with it the the first time I heard it. Which stems the agreement to change our theme song from our 3-year-old "Now and Forever" to "We Belong" on this 32nd Month of our d-day. Honey, you complete me, like words and melody. Happy Anniversary Honey!!!

We Belong
Toni Gonzaga

I've tried to tell you
So many times this feelings of mine
But it's not that easy
Letting you know
How i love you so

*complete me, you complete me
I've never felt this way
Complete me, you complete me
Like words and melody

Don't you know that we both belong, baby
Don't you know that we will last forever
Don't you know that we both belong
I knew it from the start

Hoping that someday
For that hello, just a simple hello
And maybe tomorrow
I'm the reason you'll smile
And you make my day


**don't you know that we both belong, baby
Don't you know that we will last forever
Don't you know that we both belong
I knew it from the start
We belong

Together, youre my shelter in the pouring rain
I just hope that you will see
You and me we belong


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jett Meets A Dentist

I was never wrong walking-in the clinic of Dr. Giron. His extensive training in motivating first timer little kids like my own, has been very recognizable.

In the beginning, after a pep introduction talk, the dentist asked me to sit in the dental chair, with Jett on my lap. He started talking with Jett, like, how old are you? What is your name?, and the likes. He even allowed Jett to play with the child-proof dental instruments in his front, trying to extend the comfy feeling in unfamiliar room. And he checked his teeth.

He then told me in verbatim, "Alam mo ba Mommy, na ang ganda ng ngipin ng anak nyo", which made my chin feel the air, and replied, "At 4 months po kasi, I trained him to sleep on his own, without the help of feeding bottle or nipple. And he drinks milk from the glass after his first birthday.". "Good, that is very good Mommy", the dentist said. And the rest of the conversation were all about more dental nicety for children of my sons' age.

He wants Jett to adapt himself sitting on a dental chair and the presence of a dentist. That is why he asked me to bring him back anytime in two weeks stretch, so we will be back next week.

As a reward, Jett got himself a sticker Pooh on his fist. Dr. Giron gave him a really good first time.

GREETINGS: Happy Birthday this day, to my good old friend and Jett's godmother, Richelle. I hope you'll have a blast sis!!! And Happy 40th month anniversary to my Honey, whom I thought we will be seeing this weekend (hay!).

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yes, we celebrate!!! - Glitter Graphics

Another turning point, two and a half years!!!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

@ Exactly 2.5 Years!

We love you Sweety!!! Our bundle of joy is now a bundle of energy. Thanks for coming into our lives.


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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Funny Text Message

For the past few days, I've been bombarded with text messages saying hi and hello, with several missed calls from cell lines disassociated from my phonebook.

I was so pissed-off populating my inbox with people I hardly know. Until I reached the end of the line, and finally replied to one of them. I settled a friendly start of conversation so I can squeeze out the information, how the heck they got my number. Here how it went:


ME: Hi, who is this please?

TEXTER: Yer helo! Okey! I'm Jovena ... Hw about u? Cn I b ur frnd?

ME: Hi Jovena, nice meeting you. How did you get my number anyway?

TEXTER: I gt ur # thru d a.m. radio ... may I knw ur name pwde?

ME: A.M radio? What program? I'm Joan

TEXTER: Yup! Mr. Karinyoso ... db ur publishing ur # der! Hw old u na?

ME: Nope. Wala naman ako hilig makinig sa ganung program. Anong oras yan?

TEXTER: U mean d u alm un? 1 a.m. hngang 2 ...

ME: Ah, okay. Thanks for the info na lang. I'm married with one child. Nice meeting you.

I was not sure if it was a she or he, but she/he continued texting back, even if I bid a "nice meeting you" phrase already. Asking how old I am, if I'm married, where is my hubby, etc. But the biggest question is .... how in the world MY NUMBER WAS ANNOUNCED on that kind of early morning program, marketing people with sleep disorder???

Wheh ... life that is!!! The numbers must be miswritten or mixed-up on that radio program and came out with my number. But in case, some nice good guy here deliberately gave my number just for a good time, well, this is my message for you. Thank you so very much for making other people spending pesos for me, it is sooo sweet.

Well, another funny experience though. Hmmmm .... Maybe I could listen to Mr. Karinyoso one of these days .... hahaha!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Father's Appreciation on Mother's Day (Late Post)


Hi Honey,

No words can match the nobility, the passion, and the role you perform in our lives. The mother in you ignites the sweetness, creates the gentle touch, and playfulness to our son. The tiger-like ferociousness shows when you defend him from harm. What a woman! Or should I say, yes indeed, you are a mother, first and foremost.

Happy Mother’s Day Honey! Glad that I’m here to celebrate the day with you and Jett. I love you so much.


This post has been long overdue. But since the occasion meant a lot to me, I opted to share it with you. FYI, I've been dying to have that bracelet way before Mother's Day, and been very vocal about my longing to my husband. He did not fail to indulge me on Mother's Day. Honey, thanks for the gorgeous bracelet and the lovely message, I LOVE YOU!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy 3rd Dad's Day Honey!!!!

On your 3rd year being a father, allow me to share 3 nitty-gritty truths about you're being a Dad:

1. He suffered from paternal post-partum-depression unwittingly (Honey, I'm sorry, but this is the truth, hahaha!). Right after I gave birth, I was confused why suddenly, he became grumpy. I mean, he suppose to snuggle me after all the hard-work of normal delivery, but he acted otherwise and was talking to me in the hospital like it was just an ordinary day. Well, it didn't take a while, coz when we got home to our apartment, his father figure to me and Jett started to show crystal clear.

2. Every single day on Jett's first 12 months, Honey necessitates me to take Jett's picture every day. There were days that I was too occupied and did not bother to take a shot of our son. Everytime it happens, whenever Hubby gets home from the office, he will take Jett's picture even if he was fast asleep. As a result, we have innumerable photographs of Jett. Care to count?

3. Honey has the longest string of patience I've ever seen to a father, not only for me, but above all, to our frisky little tyke. I remember, when we were in Hongkong without a nanny, Jett was so hyper enjoying the new environment. His father hung in with him, chasing around, and running after him ... paaaaaatiently. It was tiring yes, but never, even once, you will hear my husband raising voice against our son. If he figures out his voice is over the normal, he retract right away, and apologizes to Jett.

-- Honey, I believe I have opened my heart many times, on how privileged we are for becoming a part of your life. No words could affirm the gratefulness of having you as the head of this little family that we just started. Being a father that you are to Jett, I'm sure other kids would have reasons to envy him. Jett is more than proud for turning into a father who has all the goodness in heart, I can attest to that.

To cap off the day, in behalf of our son, allow me to say, HAPPY 3rd FATHER'S DAY!!! "Thank you" is an understatement, just keep in mind that we will always be here for you wherever fate brings us. We Love You!!! And we Miss You so much!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jett's Movie Acquitance w/ CARS

My son is definitely a video aficionado, and a car junkie. He is mesmerize with toy cars and action figures. Loving those fast-paced-action scenes, that worth his while of watching.

CARS is one of the most promising Disney movie of the year. Jett being a car-boy that he is, I felt that CARS is the perfect and timely film for him on his first moviehouse experience. Together with my pamangkins, off-we-went to SM Marilao.

Funny, coz he was a bit surprised at first, realizing how big the characters turned-out. I know coz he was so quiet. But after sometime, he started laughing on the scenes, calling my name and all his cousins who were also watching, walking on our row of seat, and telling me "dark" (meaning:it is dark inside), and pointing me to shapes on the wall and said "cone" (well, im proud those things are really cone-shaped). He has an excuse to loiter around since all the kids do the same, I reminded myself, it is a kid show, so I let him act on his age.

But of course, at 2.5years, his attention span is not that long yet. After, I think 75% of the movie, he started telling me in pieces, "Mommy, go home", "open (referring to the chairs, coz he thought they were doors), stairs, walk SM". In short, he wants us to leave already, hit the stairs (inside the moviehouse), go out, and walk in SM. I tried to stop him and divert his attention back to the movie, but since the story is nearly reaching its end, there were no longer action-packed scenes. That, drives him to ask out. Besides, he uttered "eating time", so I know he is on empty stomach coz we haven't eaten our late lunch yet.

On the heart of them all, Im really happy that Jett at least, experienced a wider screen. Bigger than he frequently see. I also enjoyed the movie, as much as the kids do.

Honey, I know you are not so happy with this, and deprived you the chance as an eyewitness to our son's another first. But don't worry, there will always be a second time. The next time I hope, is on IMAX (wink!). Love yah!

fun plopper from DSP

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wedding Season Once Again

I don't know what's with me during this time of the year. I'm spellbinded with every womans' ultimate, absolute, paramount desire ... her "DREAM WEDDING". I'm turning no less fascinated as if I haven't had a wedding. Browsing every sites that says something about the jitters and the details of having a church, garden, or beach tie-knot.

I had a very simple and fastracked wedding nearly three years ago, since I was 7months on the way with my son. I had in fact no qualms with the preps, coz we were in Bangkok then, and only be getting home for the ceremony and importantly the signing of the legal documents for my born-to-be son. We had the wedding on my Hubby's ancestral home in Caloocan and also the small get-together on that house.

Yet the function was very classic, the brides' glowing aura was undeniable, who happened to be myself, haha. I was on a simple 2-in-1 white maternity straight dress with bolero, bought in Pratunam for, if I remember it right, B650 only, after the haggled price, hahaha! My husband was equally on his best, wearing a modest short-sleeved barong and slacks. It was our firsts, so the ambiance was outpouring with emotions (you can imagine!).

I don't know why I'm re-telling this story, since I did made a post already 'bout this wedding on our 2nd Wedding Anniversary archive (October 29, 2005). Well, weddings will always be special.

I admit, I'm still dreaming of a, oh yes, a prominent garden wedding. Honey has been asking me when do I want that to materialize, coz he can give it to me whenever I want it. The thing is, my "wants" are less important now that we're already three. I mean, my priorities 5 years way back, are no longer the same priorities that I'm setting now.

Things change. People change. Though that "picture-perfect wedding" is still, and would always be my ultimate passion, I'm certainly not closing my doors.

There goes a cliche ... Perfect moment comes in perfect time ... the least I can do is to wait for that perfect time ... and I know and I feel ... it won't be long.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Becoming UP-T0-DATE

I'm such a snoozy blogger, I concede!!! No objection, declination, nor hesitation that is! Being inactive far more than a month is a huge noncompliance.

I've been spending laid-back surfing hours, to begin with. Ditching the blogsite deliberately (yeah???). I don't know, maybe this is one of those days that I lay low transfiguring life into pack of words :) , short of saying ... "laziness"? hehe.


-- My notebook's HD screwed-up, and as a certified "non-back-up user", I almost turned my crafts into waste, most importantly my dearest DIGISCRAP KITS. Good thing, hubby backed-up my files early this year, so I was left chasing files done after that time. Thanks also to DSP for extending help re-providing links for the kits I bought from them. To make the long story short ... I bought a new 40GB HD (ouch!), and still seeking a professional help to retrieve the files from the old HD (God, please???)

-- Hubby was home for a two-week-vacation last May. I personally drive to fetch him from the airport with my son and nanny, that was my 2nd time. And first time to send him off (after his short stay), me as a driver (we usually asked his brother to drive during send-offs). His brother was unavailable at that moment, and I was left with no choice, I drove the car reluctantly. Until now, I'm still thinking how did I manage to drive back to our house sound and safe with a very heavy heart. It really pains me to see him walk-away (sigh!).

-- I've been close-guarding/shielding my son to have a prolong chat with nanny Sally. I don't wanna sound like a hostile employer here, duuuhhhh!!!! Of course, I have a reason. I've been training my son to converse in english, and everyone in the household follows this simple rule. Jett jumpstarted talking and easily picks-up and uses every single word he hears. However, everytime he has a talk with my nanny, before I knew it he is already using "slang" tagalogs. Like kawawa, Jett will say wawa (hearing him saying that, really freaks me out!) ... and more! Of course, I couldn't ask so much from her since she is a high school undergrad, but, hello??? I wasn't asking for royal terms! As simple as eat, drink, run, walk ... all she has to do is to follow and learn as well. For now, I think, she is getting the message right. Her speaking bits and pieces of english make me smile, though not too complacent still. Hmmmm ... that is yet to be seen.

That is all for now! I hope I could update as much as before (wink!).