Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Honey's Birthday Blowout!

Honey's birthday observance materialized half-planned.

I presumed, honey and I will have a romantic dinner in Jumbo Kingdom, the only six-star floating restaurant in the Philippines on the night of his birthday, but we did not.

Yesterday, we woke up so early at 3AM to attend the mass on the feast of Black Nazarene in Quiapo Church Manila. It has been hubby's tradition to hear the mass of dawn on his every birthday whenever he's here in Manila for thanksgiving, with my mother-in-law. It was my first time to accompany him in such practice, and I'm happy I did. By noon, my head was aching hard coz I did not earn enough sleep for the night because I stayed-up late to make a post for honey's birthday. In the end, I re-sked our reservation at Jumbo Kingdom for tonight.

This morning, we were in rushed once again, to go to Makati to our travel agent, to pay our Hongkong trip. We had a deadline of 12noon coz our booking was confirmed suddenly. Afterwhich, we ate our lunch in Waltermart Pasong Tamo, and did some shopping for Jett and groceries. On our way home, we learned that it is nearly 4pm, and we had a reservation of 6pm in the floating restaurant. The roads were congested, and we will run out of time if we'll go home to change attire. With my driving wear of shirt, maong, and driving sandals, and honey is in very casual 3/4th shorts, shirt, and slippers, with Jett, and helper, we drove our way to CCP area, and waited in breakwater, until the restaurant opens. It became a family dinner date.

The view is magnificent. From the open-air music lounge, we could see the setting of the sun, it was a bit cloudy day, orange, blue, white, and black colors mixed the sky. We could see Manila from our slightly elevated side, the baywalk, and the whole Manila Bay. We ate our dinner in this perfect sight.

It was surely a romantic place. I hope to do this again, with a nice dress on, fresh make-up, fresh looks, hair done, and most especially ... only the two of us. Free Samples designed by Michelle Shefveland
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