Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Fiesta to San Pablo, Laguna!

Kit from DSP

Friday, January 26, 2007

Doctor: "90% b-o-y'!

I supposedly have a 4-D ultrasound in St. Lukes, but the schedule for 4-D scanning was packed. And besides, they only perform the said ultrasound for 7month-old tummy. And since I'm way far from 7 months, I was re-sked.

But we were much excited to know the gender of the baby as early as now, so off we went to the nearest hospital, which is the Nazarenus College Foundation Hospital in Meycauayan, in front of SM Marilao. With Jett and Honey inside the ultrasound room to share the first glimpse, I had a pelvic sonograph.

As everbody knows, we were expecting a "baby princess" ... in fact, Jett refers to my tummy as "baby sister". But the ultrasound and the sonographer said, "I don't wanna make a comment at this early stage, coz I don't wanna go wrong, but the ultrasound showed a penis and two balls, so it is 90% boy."

I wanna burst into tears at that moment, agitating with what I was seeing at the monitor. Well, I really wanted it to be a "girl" (hu-hu-hu!). Up to now, I am still in the state of denial, hoping that the next ultrasound will change something. A 10% twist of fate.

Sigh! Anyway ... another good looking lad like my Jett ... will be good enough .... but I think of any names yet until my next scan :) ... who knows? ....

Baby Blues Kit
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jett @ 37 Months

Shapely Sentiments Word ArtCreated by©2006 Tina Chambers
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Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Decade to Lay & Gerald!

Cheers to 10th Year of married life to my sister-in-law Lay and her husband Gerald Gador! The kids surely had fun in the water!

Water Fun page KitCreated by Jamie Rousselle

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Feast of Black Nazarene

As part of the family tradition being observed by my husband since time immemorial, we celebrated the feast of the Black Nazarene in Quirino Grandstand Manila on the dawn of Honey's birthday. We were given a chance to touched and wiped our towels and hankies to the cross itself and the feet of none other than the Black Nazarene patron. Good spirit was with us that night, coz my in-laws saw a family friend who worked for the Nazarene, so in lieu of queuing a superb long line, we were escorted right in the stage where the saint was situated.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A Surprise Birthday Celebration!

The element of surprise never fails at all time, as a catalyst in showing how important a person for you is. And that element brought laughter and hidden tears to Honey on a surprise party held two days before his birthday. Of course, headed by his beautiful wife, that's me, hehe! Made possible of course, by my in-laws.

The story .... Since we are staying here in Marilao, I was given a chance to do something different on Honey's birthday, and make it a little extra distinguished from the past. I contacted my sister in-law Ronel to tell my M-I-L (mom-in-law) the brilliant idea playing in my mind. I told them to invite all the possible relatives who could come to make the celebration more unanticipated. The venue: in my in-laws house in Caloocan.

I spent a day and a night in making a beautiful digiscrap for Honey. It took me that long coz I had to do it in discreet, away from my two boys. When I was done, I asked Ate Rowel, my elder sis-in-law, to have it printed on a tarpauline sized 4x4 feet, which will serve as a backdrop during Honey's party. I had it emailed and after few problems and alterations, everything was "k" okay. I also ordered underhand, a photo cake with Jett and Honey's picture in SM Marilao Red Ribbon. So nanny and I had to hide it in the car's compartment and covered it with the car cover so he won't see it.

It was on a Sunday when the party was held. It was also our schedule to visit in-laws in Caloocan coz Jett and Honey will have their regular haircut, so he really had no idea what is gonna happen. As we disembark from the car and started approaching the door, which was closed and dark inside (very unusual). Little did Honey know, everyone was hiding to surprise him. And when he opened the door, everybody shouted in synch "Happy Birthday"!!!! The ambiance was so festive. The kids were in party hats, there were two dozens of white and blue baloons, food and different viands were overflowing, the tarpauline came late, but it is so gorgeous and was admired by everyone including myself for bringing this work of art into life. And to top it all, relatives from outside Manila were there, sharing the moment.

I knew it!!! He was disoriented for one minute, and very much in awe, and well, for an emotional being like my husband is, teary eyes were anticipated. He turned to me and told me in certainty, "Ikaw lahat nagpasimuno nito noh?" and he kissed me.

You know what, I was also in cloud nine during the event. Seeing my husband with an inexplicable happiness is larger than life to me. To my Honey, I want you to know that you are such a wonderful person inside and out. I witnessed it personally on this occasion. Many people wanted to bring blessedness in your life on their own little ways. And this is one big means to show you how much we appreciate your existence and bringing inspiration to our lives. To Ate Rowel, Ronel, Lai, and my Mom-in-law and all the Tita's, thanks for sharing this wonderful event in Bobby's life. I really am grateful about it!

I love you so much Honey!!! Jett and I and our soon to born daughter, are so privilege to have you in our lives. You were born to be not just a Father, but the best Father in the world, I could attest to that! Happy Birthday!!!! Mwuah!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy Natal Day Honey!!!

Journal says:

39 Happy Things About Bobby

1. adaptable
2. open-minded
3. sincere
4. timid (sometimes)
5. caring
6. humble
7. cool
8. healthy
9. average height
10. superstitious
11. well-informed
12. helpful
13. funny
14. lovable
15. thoughtful
16. generous
17. fair complexioned
18. perseverance
19. sympathetic
20. nice
21. respectful
22. low-profile
23. good father
24. best husband
25. hard-working
26. passive
27. kind
28. soft
29. jealous
30. protective
31. mature
32. romantic
33. hands-on Dad
34. responsible
35. dedicated
36. faithful
37. smart
38. considerate
39. hopeful

Title: Basic Basic Embellishment PackCreated by Meryl Bartho © 2006 Meryl Bartho
Resolutions Add on KitCreated by Lauren Bavin


Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Dream Phone

Motorola D&G RAZR V3i

T'was a dream fone ... and now I had it as birthday gift from my Honey last October.

Thanks Honey, you are such my genie in disguise, I love you so very much!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dolphin and Sea Lion Show and StarCity

The dolphins and sealions would be on their last appearance on Sunday January 7, so we decided to off our way and watch that rare water show, held beside the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay last Wednesday.

We took the 2pm show. The place was not packed since it was an ordinary day. After an hour, the show is done. We were a bit dismay coz we took the patron seat amounting to P400, thinking to have the best accommodation. But when we were already inside, nobody was checking the kind of tickets purchased, and saw other people who bought the regular seats moving in patron or on a more expensive seat. Anyways, my most favorite part is the picture taking with the dolphin itself. The lovely fish will kiss you in cheeks ... awww.. aren't they adorable?! I really loved it!

It was really fun watching the smart tricks and moves of these two group mammals. And the good news is, it is a presentation you can see in the luxury of your own country, right in the heart of Manila. Need not to board a plane just to take advantage of this one of a kind fun experience.

Since Star city is just in the vicinity, we carried on to that place. Jett and Patricia (my niece), took the ride all you can tag, and since I'm pregnant, I'm limited to few rides, so me and Honey just paid the entrance fee, and just watch the kids enjoying themselves.

Sigh! It was a taxing day, and thank God, no traffick along the way. We got home satisfied, and tired =).


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Our Year End Studio Photographs

Pictures taken @
Podium Mall, Ortigas


Our Holiday Celebration

Merry Berries Page KitCreated by Kim Liddiard