Friday, January 06, 2006

My Close to Screwed-up New Year's Fortitude Post

Here is how the story goes.

My last posting was on dawn of Monday. Right after I made our New Year's post, my adaptor sounded like a popping popcorn and stop charging. As hubby woke-up (thanks goodness, I have my knight-in-crashing-computer by my side), he smelled the adaptor burn, that's why it was not working. That caused me alarm, I can't afford to unuse my computer notebook for more than a day, because I have everything here, all the files and pictures waiting to be posted, oh yeah, I'm thinking about "blogging" and nothing more nor less.

So the day after, we went to Cyberzone SM North, to have someone look at it technically. My techy-savvy husband took charge, and presto, my computer is now fixed! I have a new adaptor, and upgraded 512MB RAM (wow!) for a faster blogging and scrapbooking.

I thought I gonna made my post for yesterday, unfortunately, DSL was not working in Caloocan until today. Good thing it is in our schedule to visit the oldies here in Marilao, where I'm currently using my wifi.

I suppose to post this yesterday but I fell asleep, and now, here it is:


1. This year, I promise to learn one more dish (aside from the one and only sinigang na baboy that I know, taught by my husband). Two or more are much better (but I don't wanna use my words against mine, hehe!). Therefore, one is safe!

2. This year, I promise to read Francisco Colayco's Wealth Within Your Reach Books 1&2 . He's one of the few persons I listen to when it comes to penny-matters, I even watched him in Channel 9 Money Talk with Francis Pangilinan, and subscribed to their yahoogroups for more understanding on how we can possibly manage and augment our savings.

3. This year, I promise to learn on the best way that I could, how to back-park. Several times, we went to places that regular slanted and spacious parking are not possible, and we need to park through the tail. I haven't really tried yet, but I think it is hard. For this year, I'll regain the guts to do it and start practicing.