Tuesday, March 28, 2006


For the past days, due to some reasons, I spent hours on the road, commuting in public transport, tricycle, jeepneys, LRTs. Everytime I leave, Honey doesn't fail to send me text messages that goes, "mag-ingat ka, baka maligaw ka, kawawa ka naman", to the extent of saying "uuwi na nga lang ako, nakakaawa ka kasi eh! tutulungan kita". Hahaha! He is so funny! My husband always think I'm still a little girl, with no sense of direction, and doesn't know how to safeguard myself against bad elements. Don't worry Honey, "magtatanong ako sa pulis kapag nawala ako, hehehe!"

I had the chance to experience the LRTA2 ride. The LRT line in university belt all the way to Antipolo or Marikina, I'm not sure though. LRTA2 is more elaborated than MRT and LRTA1. It has coins/bills operated ticket dispenser machines, nice elevators for elderly and disable, clean stations, and roomy couches comparable to BTS in Bangkok. And, take note, since the trains are new, the aircon is superb, you can even wear your jackets inside, hahaha! I hope there will come a time that they will also put tv screens in stations and couches, so everybody will have a pleasant and nice journey.

Lastly, a sad news surprised this household. Ming was found dead, two mornings ago. According to the owner, she was poisoned by food intended for rats. We were in despair. I remember, the night before she died, Jett was playing with her furry friend, and carrying her like a baby. Surely, we will miss you Ming. She left with four kittens.

I might be back for blogging for the next days or weeks, Honey gave me a time-off. Tomorrow I'll visit a salon in SM to try hair relax treatment. It has been a while since my last hair pampering. I deserve and need a break!

Good night people!!!

Insert: Happy 37th-Month Honey, I almost forgot! I love you!