Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Brush Those Pearly Whites

My writing bug doesn't bite today, I had a very long taxing day, that is why. Marilao-St. Lukes-SM Marilao. I bought few needed items in supermarket, and had our dinner in Jollibee, we went home at 6:30pm. I feel so tired. Jett is tired as well, at 8:30pm, he's already fast asleep.

But anyway, let me just leave with you this computer scrap I made for my son while having a good time cleaning his teeth. His pedia said, he has a good set of choppers, hehe. Enjoy!

Deep Blue Something Sampler Freebie
(C) Meredith Fenwick
All Boy Word Art 2Created by Tina Chambers
Greenmarble alpha from DSP