Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hiatus Mode

Last month, I was too pre-occupied to be in blogosphere. I was strayed from Feb 25-Mar 1 (whoah! that was quite some time).

Well, I believe these are the reasons that buzzed me off ...

-- Janay (our car) will be expiring its insurance on the 10th of the month, and Directlink is giving us same premium compared to other non-life insurance, but with a lesser amount of freebie. That is why we decided to get from other Toyota accredited company (I forgot the name, hehe), that is giving us free glass etching, an effective anti-theft measure.

-- I am suck in using so many cables in this notebook. Since I shift places while on the web (like the bedroom or the living room), I needed to bring all the cables that goes with this computer. I requested Honey to stop my madness, and he bought me a "wireless router" which permits this pc, cable-free. Thanks honey.

-- We realized, as of the press time, we avail not of any "health insurances". I rang Jett's pediatrician in St. Lukes to ask what health insurance companies they have accreditation, and she gave me the lists. Honey, did a worksheet for comparison, and hopefully we will settle in no time.

-- Peso performed stronger than ever. We were busted, and went "panic-selling", and exchanged all the dollar reserves that we have.

-- After reading FJC's books, I could humbly say, I am now financial literate (but definitely not an expert), and becoming more aware that a good retirement lies on what we do in our money "now".

-- For the first time in our married life, we made our first ever Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SAL) and Personal Income and Expenses Statement (PIES). We've been busy doing this in excel and been asking friends for the market value, and agents for the cash surrender value. Nevertheless, we are happy that we now learned our NET WORTH. At least, we are now complacent to leave our son with a good life in the future.

-- On my next posts, I will share with you, what kind of venture we involved ourselves recently.

Tomorrow, it is Jett's visit to his pedia for a shot. Driving all the way from Marilao to Q.C., my nanny is in a week-long off, good thing, Patricia my niece has no classes tomorrow, I gonna bring her with us, to look after my son while in the car-seat at the back. Honey won't allow us to travel alone, there has to be someone who will accompany Jett at the backseat, or else, postpone the trip.

But for now, I'm no longer in hiatus mode, and certainly back and blogging to the highest level!!! Good night!