Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Yesterday, at ungodly hour of 3am, I suddenly woke up, didn't know why. I begun staring to nowhere.

And unstoppably, the windmill in my head started generating different scenarios. I'm thinking about my husband and his work, I'm thinking about our life five years from now, I'm thinking about our investments, I'm thinking about my son's future, I'm thinking about this country, is there a littlest glimpse of hope this country can offer to my family? I'm thinking about our present situation, I'm thinking about ... so much, that it is impossible for me to go back from sleeping.

As I chat with my hubby yesterday afternoon, he told me, he didn't have a good night sleep either. He also woke up at 3am, and were visited by the same thoughts.

Im very much certain, that in GOD's perfect time, it would be sleepless-nights no more ... and I trust HIM with that.