Tuesday, March 14, 2006

At Last!!!

After 7 months of SMART wi-fi subscription, my free e-mail account is finally working (yahooo!!!). That was not for the reason that I did not activate it deliberately, rather because the password they were providing me was incorrect. Incorrect, that they had the toughest time to figure-out what really is my password. We're spending nearly an hour over the phone for troubleshooting several instances.

But all is well that ends well, now I have my very own, joanalcaraz@smartwifi.com.ph. I could have wanted it to be joansantiago@smartwifi.com.ph, but not sure, if the changing process will take me again to forever, so I'd rather use the current.

I love Outlook Express better because it allows me to insert pictures in actual sizes inside the body of the email, unlike in Yahoo, which only attach pictures or even if inserted in the body, it doesn't show the real sizes and have to click the thumbnail first.

Above is the very first message in my inbox. Honey was not so okay about work that time, anyway, he easily got-over it, he is the most resilient person in the world.

For now, I'm enjoying my OE, sending pictures to all my addressee, hehe.

Hope an enjoyable day awaits you too!!!