Saturday, March 04, 2006

Celebrating Our 3rd Year

Some of my friends, who religiously follow this site, might be confused how come we fete two major anniversaries in a year? ... For reasons that Feb 28 is our "sweethearts" anniv (you know, boyfriend-girlfriend thing), and Oct 29 is our "matrimonial" anniversary (as husband and wife).

Now that I finally enlightened you guys, let me share with you how we observed this time, our 3rd Sweethearts Anniversary.

Unfortunately, Honey left on the day of our anniversary (Feb.28), to once more, perform the supreme sacrifice of working abroad. So we decided to celebrate the night before the red-letter-day. I reserved for seats, and that night, we made our way to LE SOUFFLE Top Of The Citi Restaurant, in Citiland Tower Makati 34th floor. It is your choice of outdoor or indoor fine dining. Since, we are commemorating a very distinguished occasion, we opted an open air candlelight dinner.

It was our lucky day, coz, very few guests were eating, and you wont believe this, it was only the two of us, who were dining-out, which turned the outdoor resto exclusive for us. With all the stars, moons, and planes passing by, the tallest buildings in makati, 360 degrees view of the city, and of course, with the candelight (actually, candelights, coz they arranged like 4 candlelights in holder near the plants, plus a candle in our table), you can never construe in words how romantic the place was, which made the night as pleasing as our euphoric emotions.

We were talking very casually, while enjoying the mouth-watering delicacies. I ordered pene pasta in tomato sauce and salmon (my favorite), and honey ordered braised pork with vegetable and rice. We even tried the dessert of the house, the Souffle cake. Foods are so luscious. Like what Hubby said, the prices are very much affordable, which we were surprised as we got our check.

Our conversation was partly reminiscing of the past years, past hang-ups, past highlights. We also talked about the future, and what we want to achive in our lives as individual, and as one family. We even discussed and admit some differences, and tried our very best to patch-up the small holes. With all humility, submission, and sensitivity, we also profess to one another how important is this relationship for us, to last, till our last breath. And I am more than thankful that we're on the same track.

Everything was so perfect. It was a perfect place ... for a perfect night ... for a perfect occasion ... Im looking forward to celebrate more anniversaries with my only one ...