Saturday, March 25, 2006

Busy Mode

Hello Guys, It's been a while. I'm too pre-occupied (again) with my own stuffs. And I'm through yet with being restless, I just started. Im sorry, coz, I am not in liberty as of the press time to divulge with you guys, what is going on, I might pre-empt something, but I am more than happy to share with you our stories, as soon as the situation already calls for it.

So, I blog-in-and-out for the next couple of days, maybe months? Oh, I really do not know. But please pray for us, that things happen on their best laid plans, and hopefully foolproof. Your prayers will be our guidance.

On a lighter note, just wanna remind my husband, in case he is reading this right now, to forget not his haircut, oh yes my dear hubby, this weekend is your haircut sked. I know your busy as well, but I couldn't allow you to walk-in your office with your 3-week-old hairdone, so please, visit your nearest barber shop, okay?

Nonetheless, to my friends who do not fail to visit my blog, I'll keep you posted!!! And promise to visit your places soon ... have a nice weekend everyone!!!

P.S. Just wanna spare this space on thanking Ms. Cindy del-Rosario, my fellow ____wannabee. Thanks for the talk we have had two nights ago, like what I've told you, you are an angel in disguise, thanks for the enlightenment and wisdom that you self-lessly shared with me. I'm sure you will be off to Bangkok soon. Let's pray harder.