Friday, March 03, 2006

Remembering Her on Our 3rd Year

Hi Honey,

Happy 3rd year to us!

I really enjoyed our date last night. The place was romantic, and the food was really great. And its not that pricey, for a fine dining restaurant.

The “opening of our hearts” was really interesting, asking each other what to expect now that we completed our 3rd year, and what do we look forward in entering our 4th year of being sweethearts. We discussed the whole thing so casually, with all the honesty and candor.

Honey, I will not do anything that will break-up our marriage. I will always take the time to be more patient, and will always do the first move to clear the air between us. Whether its my fault or yours, doesn’t matter. My solemn vow to you in front of our parents will not change. I love you so much.

Please take care of yourselves while I am away. Kisses to you and Jett always.

Again, happy 3rd year! I Love You!


(Hubby e-mailed this letter on the day of our anniversary, which was the same day he left for work in Bangladesh, huhuhu)