Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jedd ... Our New Little Angel ...

At exactly 11:35 nightfall of Mother's Day, 13th of May, I became a new old Mom to our second little prince, RENZ JARREDH "Jedd" SANTIAGO.

We reached St. Lukes at 5pm. My cervix was already dilated by 5cm. But if you will see or hear me, well, I could say I was the calmest Mom on-labor on earth, hahaha! I acted normal, my secret was to exercise good breathing, in every contraction pain.

I had an epidural anesthesia (regional anesthesia resulting from injection of an anesthetic into the epidural space of the spinal cord; sensation is lost in the abdominal and genital and pelvic areas; used in childbirth and gynecological surgery). For those women who went through childbirth and who are familiar with this practice, I'm sure they known that under epidural anesthesia, half the time, you were asleep and having a good rest althroughout your labor. So if there is such thing as like what my obstetrician termed it "a very pleasant delivery", we're very much thankful to GOD, for allowing me to have such.

It took me only "one push" to unwomb my son. In fact, the preparations of the delivery room and the stitching after I deliver gobble up more time, than I give birth itself. And while waiting to finally things be over, I meanwhile took all the opportunity to smile, while the nurse's was having my snapshots while lying down the birthing table. And to subsequently have a kiss to my newlyborn neonate.

I was a bit disgruntled though, that they did not let my baby to suckle my breast right away, for him to have a good latch practice on my breast. Unlike to my first born, Jett was breastfed to me while I was still inside the birthing room, so he became a good nipper. Now, I'm having difficulty with Jedd in teaching how to latch properly, and my nipples are soring so bad. Sigh! This is where the bad part of postpartum starts.

Honey was home the next day right after I deliver. He really is a help for me right now, coz one toddler, and one infant, are a handful for a recovering Mom as myself. Well, thanks Honey for the flowers and the chocolates you sent me while I was on labor. They were certainly my post-delivery stress reliever.

And allow me to use this space to thank my best friend for more than a decade, Venus and her family. For spending, sharing and being there with me, during the rough stretch of my pregnancy, from labor to delivery to recovery. Thanks Pare, you are one of a kind. Love yah!

And to my doctors, my Ob-Gyne, Dra. Elsie Badilla-Pascua, the gorgeous, and the best doctor in town, who happened to share the same birthday with Jedd, May 13th. Thanks for taking care of me during the entire pregnancy, and for making things easy for me during the delivery. And to my groovy and funny anaesthesiologist, Dr. Torio, who has the lightest hand in the world. I wasn't traumatized when he inserted the needle on my spine. In fact, I didn't even feel his hand touched my back, and before I knew it, I was over and done with my epidural. A very negating experience compared to my first born in Bangkok, which I shed tears when I had the epidural anesthesia in my back.

And most importantly, thanks GOD, from preventing things to screw up. For giving me the bravery and the strength on having a normal delivery without my husband beside me. And to finally, had a safe and sound delivery to our angel Jedd.

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