Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Spidey & Barney Weekend

I strongly believe that I am running out of time, and Jett and I will be spending less frequent bonding moments in no time. That is why we are making the most out of my barely two weeks pre-40th week or my due date, before we both get stuck with Jedd (his baby brother) as soon as he arrives.

On Friday, we watched Spider-Man 3 on the big screen together with his cousins. It was an interesting movie, though we never saw the ending, coz Jett was becoming jittery on his seat after nearly two hours of watching, and told me "Mommy, it's finished, go home?", short of saying, "Can't hold on much longer, I'm bored, let's go out." I know it wouldn't be possible to keep him idle that long, I just want him to enjoy the difference of watching on big boob-tube, for it was quite an experience for him. It was his second moviehouse acquintance. The first movie was Cars, and yes we've seen how it ended, but not how the story started, hahaha! I just suited myself digging the plot in DVD, and pretty much sure to do the same on Spidey.

Then at Sunday, we had an encounter with Barney "LIVE" at SM Marilao. There were games, dancing and singing and some activities for the kids (though Jett did participated yet, he just mingled with the other children). And lastly, the main course, a photo op with Barney himself, side by side, my personal favorite. Barney is super-duper lovable!

It was certainly a busy weekend. I just hope next week I still have the grace period to do the same, hahaha! And hope to have my facial first before the D-day!

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