Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Weight Gain ... Weight Lost ...

Exactly a week ago, I had a visit with my Ob-Gyne, and Jett with his Pedia. I'm so glad to see the weighing up of the scale as he took the stand. From 15.9kilos two months ago, he is now 17kilos. And from 98cm, now he is 99cm. It is a triumph for me coz Jett is a slow slash picky eater. It is really a tough job getting him through his meals. So I always make it a point that he only puts no junk but high calories source of nutrients even his snacks. He hardly had any afflictions since 6months ago, so I think, this is a great factor for Jett's constant thickening. I just hope he only gets better.

On a different note. My weight check with my Ob is as not good as with my son. This is of course after she assures me that this is a no problem, and I should be bothered not. From 136lbs, three weeks ago, I'm down to 134lbs (I started as 112lbs till I found out I'm pregnant). She told me that 2lbs weight lost is common, and sometimes really fluctuating at this stage (8th month). Though the average gain should be a pound per week or 25-35lbs on the whole pregnancy. I'm still short of 3lbs.

Well, my husband just told me last night during our video chat, that I look thinner in comparison with the same period of my previous pregnancy. And I know exactly why. I hardly have a dremy sleep. My appetite is not good, I always think about my Honey. Yeah, seriously, I'm more of a muncher, if he personally prepares my food and dine-in with me, sigh. And besides, how can I eat decently if I know that what he eats everyday, is a lesser delighty food. And also, I'm still a super hands-on Mom to my soon to be Kuya Jett. I still feed, dress, bathe, play, look after, and send him to sleep. I wanna make the most of our time together coz for sure, my attention with him will never be the same again as soon as his brother arrives. And I really feel guilty about it this early.

I hope and pray that everything will be okay ... coz I have to admit ... I'm kinda scared right now ... even if it is my second time ... and have few apprehensions on my near giving birth.

Oh my gosh, I think I'm already suffering to a pre-baby blues syndrome =). You think so?