Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Miraculous Well of Divine Mercy

We've been frequenting The National Shrine of the Divine Mercy few years ago, since me and my relatives settled here in Marilao. In fact, it was here where I acquired the sacrament of "kumpil" way back. If I'm not mistaken, I was 12 years of age then. Many devotees have made this church prevalent and now refer to as a national shrine.

Then there is this well, a wishing well inside the shrine. Just like any other wishing wells, you gonna toss a coin, then utter your prayers/wishes. I have to admit, I'm a skeptic when it comes to these kind of stuff. We always look at a glass as half-filled, not half-empty. And I believe in hard work. But JESUS, really is a working GOD.

My husband was idle for work in nearly 6 months, before he left to Bangladesh. In short, 6 months of no money coming-in in our savings. In an excel workbook of expenses, a negative sign beside the figures has been there for months.

Until one fine Sunday afternoon mass, Jett started asking for money. He told us he wants to throw money inside the well, just like others. And then we gave him money, he tossed inside the well, and then we asked him to pray his bedtime prayers everytime he throws money. As simple as this, "Dear Jesus, please take care of Mommy, Daddy, Jett, and baby brother. Please help Daddy find a job." And ,then after a week, a job offer was emailed to Honey (his project now in Bangladesh), and after a month, he flew.

From then on, we never fail to bid our wishes on that well. Jett has been the coin tosser. Though there is a little changes in his prayer this time, "Dear Jesus, please take care of Mommy, Daddy, Jett, and baby brother. Please keep baby brother, and Daddy safe."

I know my son's little voice, is like an echo in heaven.