Monday, April 09, 2007

Working Like Ants

I'm waiting for a buzz and currently ym available, until a text message lighted up my silenced fone. Honey cannot make it again tonight on-line. He's been burning candles at both ends from the day one he came for work in Dhaka. He never had a day off since nearly three weeks ago and hardly had a complete hour of sleep. It is becoming a regular routine that he comes home at 11pm sometimes later (Dhaka time) or 1am (Manila time), and leaves the next day between 8-8:30am at his time.

This project is his first ever working experience for Ericsson. According to him, he easily learns the new stuffs as he gets the hang of it, however, the workload is so weighty and time grabbing due to its pressing schedule. To the extent that he only eats biscuits for lunch or dinner because he needs to cling in his site until a development sprung out. Sigh... pity to my Honey. But I'm much apprehensive about his health. Of course, eating biscuit as a replacement for a meal isn't good enough. I'm pretty much vocal about my anxiety, and tell him how can we enjoy a fat savings if he is ailing? (Knock on wood...) So, please Honey take care okay? I know you've been working like ants, but please, please, satisfy your body with enough nutrients by eating the right food, to keep yourself going. Sigh!

You know, sometimes, when I'm halfway breaking down performing my obligations (FYI, I'm very much hands-on Mom to our son plus I'm 8-months on the way), and feel like I wanna give up. But when I think about all the hardwork Honey is doing right now, I believe I'm in no position to complain.

Honey, I understand, that this is only one of the greatest sacrifices you are doing just to provide for your family. You had to leave and work for a while, even if it means you gonna miss an important milestone of our family life, my giving birth to your 2nd son. I cannot put into words how gratifying as a father and as a husband you are to us. I want you to know that we are so proud of you, and we love you so dearly, and miss you so terribly.

Take care always! I hope these pieces of expressions will somehow lighten and lessen up your distress. Love yah!