Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm A First Time Voter

I'm a registered voter in Mandaluyong under my maiden's name JOAN LAMBERTE ALCARAZ. I'm already 25, and it is my FIRST TIME to vote. Yeah, you read it right, I'm a first time VOTER. I'm kinda excited and jittery that finally, I will exercise my right, and my voice will be counted as ONE VOTE.

I prefer not to elect any candidate vying for local posts in Mandaluyong since I have no knowledge about their performances. I only gonna cast my ballot for 12 senatoriables, whom I strongly believe will serve as a catalysts for change and improvement in our embattled nation.

I still hope against hope, that we will have a fair and honest election. Well, it is better to be hopeful than to be hopeless at all.

That is ... if I'm still not hatching ... hehehe ...

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