Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pacquiao vs Solis ... for a minimal fee ... ?

This may be good ...

but with this? ....

Our cable provider New World TV, didn't even bother to confer to their subscribers if it would be just fine to charge us an additional fee of P50 just to watch Pacquiao and Solis fisting each other's face. Yeah I know, this is very minimal, but what if the residence of a particular house, like yours truly, is in no edge over this fight? But hey, I'm not playing perfidious to my own kababayan here ... it's just that, I don't understand the technicalities of the art of boxing, and there is no way for me to appreciate them performing the match live on tv. I would be more glad to wait for a sports analyst to explain the details of the competition, on why the other defeated the other, the strengths and weaknesses of the fight, etc. Then that is the only time I can blend in the glove game.

And besides, after the previous Pacquiao-Morales fight, and the much talked about advertisements and endorsemenst over SanMiguel Beer products, I strongly believe these games are no longer for art sake, rather, it is now profit-oriented and highly commercialized. Just like watching your favorite movie or soap opera, everything is just an "act". However, if this fight is synonymous to zero crime rate ... well, let them be an artist of their own.

My two cents worth!