Sunday, May 13, 2007

Counting the Days ....

We've been ticking off the clock and been waiting for the D-day! In line with this is being wrapped-up with the preps of nursery, baby stuff, and all that jazz. But first things first ... the hospital bag.

This is my hospital bag, inside are going-home outfits for Jedd. One-piece newborn dress, mittens, cap, booties, and blanket, all in uniformed set and blue in color. Since I'll be still sporting a sizeable tummy after I deliver, a one piece pink loose dress for myself. Of course included inside, are my personal toiletries, digicam, videocam, chargers, snacks, and the most important of all, my make-up kit, hehe!

My doctor informed me that for a vaginal delivery, without any complications, I have to stay in the hospital for two days. As per Wednesday last week, I was already 2 cm, so I think, we really are counting not so many days. In fact, there were days that I thought I was already in real labor. Only to find out, after reading my book (What To Expect When You're Expecting), that I was having a false labor due to irregular contractions. Honey is becoming apprehensive (right Honey?hehe), and been wanting to go home since last week. He can only stay here for a week. But since we're anticipating a normal childbirth here, we can never predict when it will happen. I only tell him, that whenever it is, I'm more glad to spend our pastportum days with him, and I really need a hand during those days.

So wish me luck guys, this might be my last pre-delivery post. Who knows? Whew!