Friday, April 13, 2007

FG's "Critical Period" Hype

In between the 48-hour critical period of Mike Arroyo, we were in St. Lukes for my every two weeks routine check-up with my ob-gyne Dra. Elsie Pascua, while Jett has his anti-flu shot by his pedia Dra. Dalisay Mendoza.

This was what we saw. At the main lobby just before the main building's entrance, cameramen, crews, and media, are waiting to suck on any development or failure about Mike Arroyo's health following his high-risk open heart surgery on Monday. And as we all know by now, unlikely (hehe), he passed the 48hour critical post-period after he went under the knife and currently on dialysis.

Oh well, I don't wanna sound the bad guy here, but I'm sorry coz you won't be hearing any "wishing wells" on this post. I make this entry only to share this picture noh! The only thing I could say about all these brouhaha is that ... it's harvest time!