Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Mother's Beseech

As I woke up this morning, I jump for joy to see my husband sleeping in our bed with us.

I had a very unacceptable dream.

The scenario: I just turned widow, renting an apartment in Sta. Mesa, unsure if I'm already a mother. I gonna chill-out and watch movie with my high school friends. I arrived the meeting place riding a motorcycle (weird!), and before I enter the movie house, I popped-out my cellphone, and started composing SMS, crying ... for my (according to my dream) deceased hubby. I was informing him I will see a movie with friends. And, that's that, I woke up terribly sad.

The freakiest part here was, when I opened my eyes, I stared out the window while lying down, believing that dream was not really a dream but my present situation, unaware of hubby and baby's present sleeping beside me. I was so heavy-hearted for 5 secs. Until I turned my head, and see my husband, more than alive and kicking!

I story my dream to hubby, in so normal voice ... but in "tears", can't really help to be in somber mood.

Oh GOD, please don't take anyone away from anyone in this family ... please don't ... never.