Friday, February 17, 2006

Studio Family Photograph

This picture was taken in Sweet Dreams studio in Greenhills last Monday. Jett has a collage (type of printout) photo of his own, but they misspelled the name. Instead of RALPH JARRETH (complete name of Jett) they put RALPH GARRETH. We had no choice but to give it back to them. But definitely by next week, I gonna be able to share it here soon after its availability.

However, my DSL is not working again, HMP! I'm starting to despise SMART wifi. I am working this post in an internet cafe here in SM Marilao, while hubby is in the supermarket to do some groceries.

So guys, please forgive me if I haven't got the chance to visit your places. Promise I will, after they fixed my connection. Ciao!!!