Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I can't stop him

I couldn't stop him, he needs an avenue to vent-out. He's been sending this article to all the editors of different news bodies. He is saddened and furious.

Dear Editor,

As I watched on television, with much pity, the dead bodies of about 70+ persons due to the stampede that occurred in ULTRA, I tried to find out the reason on why did that incident happened. As I am writing this, the usual finger-pointing is already occurring. You can just watch the evening news to see what I am talking about. I would not dwell on the things that the investigators should look into but I hope to see that justice is done, no matter who the culprits are.

Those who died yesterday, perished because they are HUNGRY. They have been dying slowly, even before they queued on that long line to their death. With no or very little means of making a living, its only a matter of time for them to reach their grave. They are victims of media hype creating too much commercialism and false hope. This in turn creates mendicancy, and people with tendency to beg. They have turned to luck, to be able to survive. I cannot blame them. They are HUNGRY. People who are HUNGRY, would take their chances just to have money to buy their food. And now we have 70+ of them, dead because of taking their chances.

When Bill Clinton was campaigning for president of the USA, he made a catchy slogan to the American people to define his quest for the presidency. He coined the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid”, to remind his opponent, President George Bush Sr. that it is the issue that should be discussed with the people.

With regards to these 70+ people who are now dead, they died not because of the stampede:

“They are HUNGRY, stupid”