Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Our Pre-Valentine Date ...

Saturday night at 9:00, we celebrated hearts day in a concert in Aliw Theater. Performed by our most promising young performing artists nowadays, Kyla and JR.

It has been a while since our last musical show experience, and I'm just so happy to do this again. Bringing back our Bangkok good memories. Oh gosh, how I miss BKK.

We arrived Aliw Theater at 7:30pm, 8:oopm is the call time based on our tickets, but the show started at 9:00. Parking is P60 (unbelievable!). We skipped dinner, and while waiting for the show to begin, we decided to went out, and eat noodles in Chowking beside Star City.

After we ate, we went back inside, but no signs of starting the show yet. I was fed-up. We didn't pay much to wait for an hour. We were in Mariah Carey's concert in Bangkok, and waited for only 30mins, just enough space to settle everybody. I just really don't understand why these people are playing the numbers, hmp!

However, as soon as JR and KYLA started to swept the floor, I also started to forget my grouchiness. They brought down the house more than what I expected from them. The crowd yell-hell everytime these two reach the highest notes, and, admittingly, we are one of them. HEARTSONGS is the title of the show, so they did sing love songs.

I've been seeing this young pair in television, but after I saw them performing live, I became a fan. More for JR, for the extraordinary flair and showmanship. He has the the voice and charisma to enchant people who will listen to him, even the dreadful Simon Cowell, I'm sure.

To wrap it up, we enjoyed the night. We walked-out the theater more than satisfied. Even singing and humming the songs inside the car, and even before we went to sleep. Among the wide selections of Valentine shows to watch this heart season, I'm glad we ended up in a show, that is for me ... the "BEST". We felt the spirit of Valentino.

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