Saturday, February 04, 2006

Untoward Adversity ...

I would like to extend my solace to the family, of those people who lost their lives in a stampede this morning in ULTRA. 88 deaths are confirmed on the last count.

Tens of thousands of people rushed to the place, supposedly to commemorate the first year anniversary of Wowowee hosted by Willie Revillame. Others vigil for days just to made sure they will be accommodated inside. According to the host himself, they were about to spread millions of pesos for this big event, a reason why many people fleet to death.

This incident shows the veracity, that many of our kababayans, distressing it may seems, entrust their luck and fortune to game shows. What I gona spill is a cliche, but I still blab it. I hope Filipinos will realize, that for us to survive our daily struggle, it requires hardwork and lots of faith. In lieu of battling lines of people just to go to these shows, why don't we enriched ourselves with something worthwhile, that we can possibly use for a living, or something like that? I don't wanna sound I'm preaching, coz I myself has no perfect life. But I'm just so sad that these people who died, have not much in their lives, and they did not deserve to die that way.

This catastrophe became an international news. A huge tragic event to start the year.

Very depressing ...