Friday, February 03, 2006

An Edgy Trip

picture taken in a caricature booth Timezone Greenbelt

The day before yesterday, we were in Makati for hubby arranged something. After he was through, we went to Greenbelt to stroll around and had lunch. Since the day is still half-way done, we opted to meet our agent in Greenwoods Pasig, and also for a random check-up of our lot.

After the intersection of Ayala and Makati Ave., before the fly-over going to EDSA, there is this signage that shows "C-5" which is our route, and pointing straight which means, I need not to take the fly-over. It was our first time to take that route, so I followed the sign, and went straight. But before I hit EDSA, the stop light turned red, and I was the first car in the front row. I was signalling left, since I know when I go straight beyond this crossroad, there will be no C-5 there, only subdivisions, and church.

As the light turned green, I started turning left, unknowingly, there is "NO LEFT TURN", and the north and southbound lanes are in GO simultaneously. Damn!!! Good thing, I manipulate the camber easily and accelerated my speed in quick time, and to complete my full turn to the left even before they bumped us, there were only two columns of vehicles I had to counterflow. So I used my horn as if there was an emergency, of course, they horned me back, for putting our lives in danger! (So damn!)

After I made my full turn, I immediately looked at my mirrors if there is an officer after me. I saw a mobile car in a gasoline station in the block, I really thought I will be punished. I've never been chased by a traffic man before. Luckily, no person in uniform followed us. But if things happened otherwise, I am willingly surrender my license for being such an irresponsible, and edgy driver, for once. There is no use of blaming that stupid SIGNAGE (cursed you!!! still), I just gonna have to learn from that mistake.

Wait, you think our road mishap is through? Na-ah! From EDSA, I turned right to C-5. Again, I am not aware, that going straight, is Fort Bonifacio, and left is where we suppose to go, Pasig. And again, there are two arrows, pointing straight and left, but no stupid signage, safer, I went straight, after few meters, there is the damn signage saying boldly to my face, I am going to Fort Bonifacio. I missed the u-turn, and I knew I was on the wrong way again, so I did not follow cars going to the flyover, I went straight, and "DEAD-END".

I passed-by a police officer (feeling guilty I ran-away from his kind), and since we were confirmed lost, I started backing-up, to his post. He was actually waiting for us. In cordial manner, he asked me what was the problem, and I asked him for direction in cordial manner too. This guy was so kind, he escorted us few meters back to where the u-turn is, and gave me the precise direction. Thanks officer!

After so much confusion and lawlessness, we reached Greenwoods, and thank GOD, we arrived home safely, here in Marilao.

I cannot afford this to happen again! Well, I hope so!