Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sigh ... So very sweet of him ...

Last night, as included in our bedtime ritual, before we put our son to sleep, we have this little lambingan, harutan, kulitan, and kilitian.

But last night, was such a very doozie night. I was pretending asleep, when Jett thought I was really sleeping, he started kissing me in my lips, repeatedly. Just like what I usually do to him right after he fall asleep, like a goodnight kiss, or a goodnap kiss.

But this is not the part which made this special yet, he sometimes really does this.

After he kissed me, he kissed his Dad, repeatedly, and then he kissed me again, and then his Dad, and he kept on doing this alternately and over and over. This time, he was imitating his Daddy, whenever Honey makes lambing to us, and kiss the two of us, one after another. That was the first time he acted that.

Sigh ... my son is really growing in quick time. I've said this before, that "I wish he remains to be a child, forever, just ... a wishful thinking" .... sigh ....