Sunday, May 27, 2007

First Time With Shrek

We had a feeling that Jett has turned envious with the lesser attention he is getting, now that his baby brother Jedd is here. So I told Honey, Shrek Part 3 is now on theater. Since they haven't been in the movie house "together" (only with me and his cousins), why don't they grab this chance and go out to a movie date as father and son.

So last Sunday, after Honey and Jett heard the mass toget her (me and baby Jedd was left home, huhuhu, we are starting to part ways), off they went to SM and watched Shrek.

Though again, they didn't finish the movie, hehe, I'm just so happy that at last, they had big screen moment together. Nothing can beat that (wink!).

Love you Jett and Honey! Mwuah!