Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chock-full EDSA

It was way past the gridlock hour, I thought. 'Twas actually 9:30pm when we drove off The Podium in Ortigas last night (driven by myself with Jett, yaya, and my bump, hehe) for my pregnancy portrait in The Picture Company. To my surprise the heavy flux of traffic was still there, and seems to have been pestering the motorists for a couple of days, according to a news report I chanced upon viewing earlier. Well, it was like a news blackout for me on the previous days due to my hustle sched (abusive of the few more weeks left for me before I hatch the egg, hehe).

Okay, back to my story. The choke points of traffic are from Crossing all the way to Quezon Ave flyover, and then we embattled another jam from SM North Edsa to Munoz. It was really taxing. It only came to my senses today, that it is Holy Week that's why. Well, if my memory serves me right, I've never been to EDSA that late night on a Holy Week. The mere reason I wasn't prepared to the gush of people wanting to have a long weekend to their respective provinces and some for a grand vacation away from Manila. We should have taken an alternate and not so long route of Greenhills-Araneta-A. Bonifacio. As we all know, EDSA is the haven of almost all bus liners transporting outside Manila. Well, I used to travel that major thoroughfare on rush hours of Holy Week, like 5-7pm from Mandaluyong going home to Bulacan via, bus and MRT, so comprehendably the traffic is really there, but not at nearly 10 at night, duuhhh???

Wait ... speaking of Holy Week ... it just cropped-up my inner cheese, that there is this one great unforgettable recall during the same season occurred 4 years back then, right Honey? What was it? Well, that is another story. And I don't think I have more than enough guts to share it on this public medium. Just e-mail me, hehe.

Anyway, as a wrap-up, just wanna remind those who have any plans of travelling along EDSA. If possible, take alternate routes, or if unavoidable but to take EDSA, be prepare for a long, tiring, slow moving, jam-pack road. Bring your favorite cds to keep your cool, or bring a bubbly friend to have a good chitchat.

Have a happy and safe trip!!!