Saturday, June 17, 2006

Jett's Movie Acquitance w/ CARS

My son is definitely a video aficionado, and a car junkie. He is mesmerize with toy cars and action figures. Loving those fast-paced-action scenes, that worth his while of watching.

CARS is one of the most promising Disney movie of the year. Jett being a car-boy that he is, I felt that CARS is the perfect and timely film for him on his first moviehouse experience. Together with my pamangkins, off-we-went to SM Marilao.

Funny, coz he was a bit surprised at first, realizing how big the characters turned-out. I know coz he was so quiet. But after sometime, he started laughing on the scenes, calling my name and all his cousins who were also watching, walking on our row of seat, and telling me "dark" (meaning:it is dark inside), and pointing me to shapes on the wall and said "cone" (well, im proud those things are really cone-shaped). He has an excuse to loiter around since all the kids do the same, I reminded myself, it is a kid show, so I let him act on his age.

But of course, at 2.5years, his attention span is not that long yet. After, I think 75% of the movie, he started telling me in pieces, "Mommy, go home", "open (referring to the chairs, coz he thought they were doors), stairs, walk SM". In short, he wants us to leave already, hit the stairs (inside the moviehouse), go out, and walk in SM. I tried to stop him and divert his attention back to the movie, but since the story is nearly reaching its end, there were no longer action-packed scenes. That, drives him to ask out. Besides, he uttered "eating time", so I know he is on empty stomach coz we haven't eaten our late lunch yet.

On the heart of them all, Im really happy that Jett at least, experienced a wider screen. Bigger than he frequently see. I also enjoyed the movie, as much as the kids do.

Honey, I know you are not so happy with this, and deprived you the chance as an eyewitness to our son's another first. But don't worry, there will always be a second time. The next time I hope, is on IMAX (wink!). Love yah!

fun plopper from DSP